Google Announces Android TV, Android Auto

Google today announced a range of initiatives involving everything from in-car communications to the television – all of which had one common theme. Google wants to repeat the strategy that it used successfully with its Android mobile operating system. That means making software platforms available...Learn More

Report: Smart TVs Account for More than 25% of Global TV Shipments

Smart TVs accounted for 27% of television sets shipped globally in 2012 and will continue increasing to make up more than half the market by 2015, according to a new report from IHS Screen Digest. 2012 smart TV shipments totaled 66 million units from 52...Learn More

Google, Apple, Pay TV Gear Up for IPTV Ecosystem Battle

Everything seemed so tidy and settled six months ago.  A growing new conventional wisdom acknowledged that TV is, in fact, clearly moving to Internet protocol, but also, that the titans of pay TV had all but won the day.  Comcast, Time Warner Cable, not to...Learn More

Is Google IPTV Middleware on the Way?

One of the worst kept secrets in the industry today is Google’s TV intentions for their pending 1 Gbps FTTP network in Kansas City. Google is being real coy regarding their video plans, going out of their way to offer “no comment” when asked. But...Learn More

Report: OTT Video Viewing Nearly Doubles Quarter-to-Quarter

Online video viewing on tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs nearly doubled quarter over quarter in 4Q 2011. Google TV video views rose 91% and video views as well as hours watched increased markedly among both iPhone and Android smartphone users, according to Ooyala’s Q4...Learn More

GoogleTV Seeks To Enhance Web TV With Marvell SoC

They haven’t pinned the tail on the donkey yet, so to speak, but with the digital home entertainment market at stake, Google and collective technology development partners continue to refine Google and enhance the Google TV platform. Early last month, fabless chip designer Marvell Technology...Learn More

New Google TV Apps Provide Glimpse Into Broadband and Entertainment Convergence

The first launch of Google TV has not lived up to the hype. Some might even call it a failure. The offer came in the form of a STB (or embedded in Sony TVs) that integrated linear television with OTT offers and a variety of...Learn More

Tough Week for OTT Video

The last few days have revealed significant OTT video setbacks, resulting in a tough week for the closely followed trend. Several high profile OTT efforts have experienced setbacks, adding fuel to the argument that OTT’s future is somewhat cloudy. First in the chain of events...Learn More

Will DISH Network Deal Give Google TV a Boost?

Google TV may get a boost from an agreement announced today with DISH Network, which joins the ranks of video service providers that have launched commercial offerings aimed at leveraging over-the-top video content from the Internet and other sources outside their traditional broadcast/cable channel lineup.   DISH...Learn More

Google Attempts to Disrupt TV Business with Google TV – Will it Work?

Google took the wraps off its Google TV product yesterday, and there’s a lot to digest. Google TV is attempting to bridge the web to the TV and become a portal for not only OTT video, but to the Internet itself. It’s a concept that’s...Learn More

Google TV: OTT Nirvana or Another Web TV Flameout?

Google announced it’s widely anticipated Google TV product. It’s Google’s attempt to marry the television experience with the web. “Google TV is a new experience for television that combines the TV that you already know with the freedom and power of the Internet,” says Google...Learn More

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