Google Jousts with Other Operators Over Pole Attachment Legislation

By working with city governments, Google Fiber has been steadily breaking down administrative barriers to prompt deployment of the company’s high-speed broadband service. To date, other service providers also have benefited from Google’s activities. But it’s a different story in Nashville, where pole attachment legislation...Learn More

AT&T Slams Google/Alphabet over Google Fiber Slowdown Speculation

AT&T took to the blogosphere this week and expressed a bit of glee regarding speculation about a Google Fiber slowdown and other perceived missteps in broadband applications. Google Fiber is rumored to be in some trouble, and may be recalibrating their approach to the FTTP...Learn More

Google Fiber Delay Hints at Gigabit Wireless Plans

Google Fiber will delay plans to deploy gigabit fiber-to-the-home in the San Jose, California area, reports local media outlet San Jose Mercury News. The company reportedly is seeking less costly deployment alternatives. Some industry observers speculate that the Google Fiber delay means the company is...Learn More

New Disruptive Google Fiber Business Pricing Plans Introduced

Google just introduced new Google Fiber business pricing plans that will add yet another competitive implication to their move into the broadband access business. The new plans start at $70/month for a 100 Mbps plan, which includes a router and WiFi gateway. That could be...Learn More

With Wireless ISP Acquisition, Google Fiber Wireless Intentions Becoming More Clear

There has been growing speculation regarding intentions for a Google Fiber wireless service to deliver gigabit via fixed wireless in recent weeks. Today’s acquisition of wireless ISP Webpass by Google Fiber offers some clarity to that speculation. Google Fiber is getting into the fixed wireless...Learn More

Fiber Phone Joins the Line-Up for a Google Fiber Triple Play

Google announced a coming Google Fiber triple play, with the introduction of Fiber voice service. The service will be in a phased roll-out and it follows an announced trial for the service back in February. The cloud based phone service will cost Google Fiber subscribers...Learn More

San Francisco Municipal Broadband Targets $26 Monthly Base Price

City officials have recommended construction of a San Francisco municipal broadband network based on a public-private partnership. The recommendations came in a 103-page report issued by the office of Supervisor Mark Farrell on March 15. According to the San Francisco Municipal Fiber Advisory Panel’s report...Learn More

Comcast Gigabit Pricing Strategy Revealed

Comcast gigabit pricing strategies were revealed today, as the cable MSO outlined initial customer trials for its DOCSIS 3.1 powered ultra-broadband service. Trials for the service are beginning in select Atlanta neighborhoods, with plans for additional markets later this year, reports Comcast. “Our Atlanta customers...Learn More

Sonic Brings Disruptive Pricing for Gigabit Services Ahead of Google Fiber

Regional ISP Sonic is bringing disruptive pricing for gigabit to many markets in Northern California, and perhaps beyond. Just one day after Google Fiber’s high profile announcement of their Bay Area intentions, Sonic put them on notice to be ready for a fight (as first...Learn More

Google Fiber Strategy Adapts, Any Market Could be Next

The Google Fiber strategy is adapting and expansion to any number of new markets appears to be on tap. Safe to say we really don’t know what their next move will be. Google announced they’ll be bringing Google Fiber to parts of San Francisco. Rather...Learn More

Huntsville Utilities Open Access Network is Latest Google Fiber Deployment Model

Google Fiber has made a public-private partnership with a Huntsville Utilities open access network in order to bring ultra-high-speed gigabit broadband service to high-tech Huntsville, Alabama. A Google Fiber blog post offers only sketchy details, but suggests that Huntsville Utilities will be primarily or even...Learn More

Google Fiber: Fixed Wireless for Last Mile May be in Play

Building fiber-to-the-premise is hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Even for a company with vast resources like Google. The challenges multiply when you’re a competitive over-builder and your competition sees you coming.  Those competitors don’t exactly stand around and wait for you to cherry pick their customers...Learn More