AT&T GigaPower Austin Gets the Gigabit Jump on Google Fiber

AT&T announced that current Austin, Texas based subscribers to their 300 Mbps GigaPower Internet service will soon see upgrades that deliver 1 Gbps, fulfilling GigaPower’s initial launch promise. Existing customers will not need to do anything to receive the 1 Gbps upgrade. AT&T reacted quickly...Learn More

A Gigabit Broadband Land Grab is Underway: Is it for Publicity or Subscribers?

Blink and you might miss it. On Tuesday, we published a post outlining two gigabit broadband network announcements had occurred, and it was only the second day of the week. Almost as we hit publish on our blog, another gigabit announcement from AT&T occurred, putting...Learn More

GVTC GigaRegion is Latest Example of Google Fiber’s Impact in Texas and Beyond

Google Fiber is having a significant impact on broadband infrastructure in Texas. But of course, that’s always been the plan. The arrival of Google Fiber in Austin and the potential of their move into San Antonio is causing other carriers to react and many of...Learn More

Portland Google Fiber May Soon be Reality

Portland may soon join the exclusive, but growing list of Gigabit cities. The Portland Business Journal is reporting that the Portland City Council voted 5 – 0 in favor of bringing Google Fiber to the Oregon hub. Portland is one of the nine new metro...Learn More

Winston-Salem Gigabit Network is a Key Win for AT&T

Update June 12- AT&T today announced it also has won a deal to bring gigabit service to Durham, N.C. AT&T has finalized one of the deals it had pending to deploy gigabit service in the Triangle and Piedmont Triad regions of North Carolina, announcing today...Learn More

Urbana/ Champaign Gigabit Network Will Be Open Access

Gigabit network announcements have been coming at a ferocious pace lately, including five last week. The fifth one, announced late Thursday, comes from Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband (UC2B) and iTV3 – and it has some unique elements that would seem to make it a particularly good...Learn More

Google Fiber’s ISP Shame Game Continues with Focus on Google Interconnection and Peering

Ever since Google announced their move into the ISP and TV business with Google Fiber, their intentions have been well debated. Was Google seriously trying to become a regional (or maybe national) ISP? Or were they pushing an agenda with their 1 Gbps service for...Learn More

Google Fiber Penetration Hits 75% in Parts of Kansas City, But Not Without Controversy

Google apparently has some great take rates for its gigabit Google Fiber service in Kansas City, with Bernstein Research reporting Google Fiber penetration of 75% in some neighborhoods. These are take rates to ‘die for.’ Most service providers, especially competitive overbuilders, would be very happy...Learn More

Cities Vying for Google Fiber Expansion Respond to Checklist Items

Google’s effort to build out gigabit broadband fiber networks in 34 markets in nine metro areas is making headway and its selection process is on-track and on-schedule, according to an update from the Google Fiber expansion team. Google in late February announced that it intended...Learn More

Google Fiber Wants Cities To Meet Its Checklist

After a few years of pursuing gigabit networks in communities nationwide, Google has refined the policies and procedures it likes to see followed by the communities that the company works with. Or should I say procedures that the company requires from the communities? Google this...Learn More

Google May be Planning Massive Google Fiber Expansion

Ever since Google announced their first Google Fiber plan in Kansas City, their intentions with this broadband service provider approach have been debated. Was Kansas City (and Austin and Provo which followed) just an experiment as a way to ‘shame’ other ISPs into offering next...Learn More

Cableco Gigabit Broadband Plans are Not HFC-Based

Cable companies are getting in on the gigabit network trend, as announcements from two cable operators this week illustrate. Grande Communications beat AT&T and Google Fiber to the punch in making gigabit service available in Austin, Texas. And Comporium said it will launch gigabit service...Learn More