Google Fiber Taps Webpass for Gigabit Fixed Wireless Expansion to Seattle

Google Fiber-owned Webpass is installing its first wireless symmetric gigabit Internet service in Seattle, management announced. The gigabit fixed wireless roll out, being carried out at a 40-story, 146-unit luxury condominium tower across from the world famous Pike Place Market, will mark the seventh market...Learn More

Google Fiber Video Rates Just Got Bumped by 33%

Even almighty Google is not immune to the skyrocketing costs of video programming, with news last week that Google Fiber video rates will rise by about one third. New customers to Google’s double play of gigabit broadband and video will now pay $160 per month,...Learn More

Google Fiber is Back….But How?

After a high profile pause, Google fiber is back and its next target market is Louisville, Kentucky, according to Louisville mayor Greg Fischer. What’s not clear though, is how Google fiber intends to serve Louisville – through FTTP, fixed wireless, or some combination of both....Learn More

Angie Communications Wants to Finish What Google Fiber Started And More With Ambitious Gigabit Plan

Angie Communications, which calls itself the world’s largest telecom startup, has ambitious gigabit plans – including bringing Angie gigabit service to several markets that Google Fiber planned to serve but later halted and to 87 other markets. Angie has a unique business model that will...Learn More

Kansas City Smart City Initiatives Yields Benefits

The first compilation of Kansas City Smart City data was released yesterday. Sharing the data and information with 18 other cities, five federal agencies and two other countries, Smart City project leaders explain how strategic use of Big Data analysis is helping KC improve commonly...Learn More

Will Pai’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee Re-invent the Wheel?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has established what he is calling the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) aimed at bridging the digital divide and accelerating the deployment of high-speed broadband services. “The BDAC’s mission will be to identify regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment and to make...Learn More

Google Fiber Now Pushing Gigabit Fixed Wireless

When Google fiber acquired wireless ISP Webpass, they gained gigabit fixed wireless capability in six markets across the country. Shortly after this transaction, Google fiber began pausing their ambitious FTTP overbuild plans in multiple previously announced Google fiber markets, and conventional wisdom suggests they are...Learn More

It’s AT&T Versus Google Fiber in Mocking Blog Post

It’s AT&T versus Google fiber in a mocking blog post from AT&T Senior Vice President for Wired and Wireless Products and Services Eric Boyer. Although Boyer never once mentions Google’s name in the post, there’s no doubt which Internet provider he is referring to in...Learn More

Google Fiber Expansion Paused, Staff Let Go

A planned Google fiber expansion has been halted and the broadband access provider will reduce its headcount, as it evaluates how and if it will bring ultra-broadband services to additional markets. The move has been rumored for a few months and was confirmed by Craig...Learn More

Report: Gigabit Network Benefits Include 25% Price Drop for Lower Speed Tiers

When gigabit broadband comes to an area, prices for broadband services of 100 Mbps or more are reduced by approximately $27 per month, according to a new study about gigabit network benefits conducted by Analysis Group for the Fiber to the Home Council. That’s about...Learn More

Google Wireless ISP is Official, Integration with Google Fiber is Now on Deck

There is an official Google wireless ISP today, thanks to the closing of the Webpass acquisition by Google. Webpass has ‘tens of thousands’ of wireless customers, primarily business, in five markets across the U.S. They use a point-to-point wireless technology, offering access of up to...Learn More

Google Jousts with Other Operators Over Pole Attachment Legislation

By working with city governments, Google Fiber has been steadily breaking down administrative barriers to prompt deployment of the company’s high-speed broadband service. To date, other service providers also have benefited from Google’s activities. But it’s a different story in Nashville, where pole attachment legislation...Learn More

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