Verizon FiOS May Soon See Some Gigabit Competition, Finally

One interesting side note regarding the growing Gigabit movement is the lack of it in Verizon FiOS territories. It seems weekly (if not daily) now that we hear about some new Gigabit plan, but from what I can tell, very few, if any have touched...Learn More

Comcast Ups the Gigabit and FTTH Ante, Will Launch Comcast FTTH 2 Gigabit Service

Comcast is slated to become a major player in FTTH and Gigabit Internet. They also appear to be looking past the argument of whether 1 Gigabit service is too much bandwidth for residential subscribers. They are looking to take the residential broadband speed crown with...Learn More

Add Salt Lake City to the Google Fiber Footprint, Takes on CenturyLink

Google announced Salt Lake City as their latest Google Fiber city today. Salt Lake City joins Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh as Google Fiber expansion cities. Google Fiber is already up and running in Austin, Kansas City, and Provo, Utah. “We’re looking forward to seeing...Learn More

Google Wireless Plans: Reconnecting Dropped Calls Could be Just the Start

Dropped calls that automatically reconnect could be coming your way thanks to Google. According to several news reports, a Google exec told attendees at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week that this capability might be part of the wireless offering the company plans...Learn More

AT&T Vs. Google Fiber Gigabit: A Five-City Face-Off

AT&T today launched the company’s gigabit broadband service, dubbed U-verse with GigaPower, in parts of more than five cities in the Kansas City metro area. Additionally the company said it will expand the service to Independence, Mo. and Shawnee, Kan. Google Fiber already offers or...Learn More

Sonic Gigabit Plans Not Limited to California

Several communities in the San Francisco Bay area will be getting gigabit service from Sonic,  a local Internet service provider best known outside its home turf for two things: It’s the company that in 2011 built a gigabit test network for Google Fiber at Stanford...Learn More

Google Fiber Expansion is Here, Four Additional Markets on Tap

Google will announce this week Google Fiber expansion plans to four additional markets, according to numerous reports, including the Wall Street Journal. The markets are all in the Southeast and include Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Google has not formally confirmed these reports, but has...Learn More

2014’s Gigabit Network Boom: A Recap

The gigabit network trend accelerated substantially in 2014. I took a look back at Telecompetitor’s coverage (see list below) and was astonished how many new players this year entered the market or announced plans to do so. In addition, several carriers that announced gigabit plans...Learn More

Google Fiber Austin Launch: An Anti-Climax?

Homes and businesses in parts of south and southeast Austin, Texas can now sign up for Google Fiber ultra-high-speed broadband service. And according to a Google blog post, “This is just the beginning. We’ll be opening new areas of the city for signups on an...Learn More

Google Fiber for Small Business is Poised to Disrupt the SMB Internet Access Business

The market for Internet access for small and medium business (SMB) just got a lot more interesting. Google Fiber has officially launched a business services package of gigabit fiber access to small business customers for $100 per month. The Google Fiber Early Access Program launched...Learn More

Google Fiber Opts Out, AT&T Steps In

Leawood, Kansas is an example of the interesting competitive dynamics forming around gigabit Internet and AT&T versus Google. Google recently decided to opt out of an agreement to build Google Fiber in the Kansas community and AT&T has now come in behind them and agreed...Learn More

Report: Subscribers Prefer Gigabit Services from Local ISP over Google

Gigabit Internet access has become a key trend in the broadband industry, thanks in large part to Google. With their Google Fiber initiative, Google acted as a catalyst for a burgeoning movement and clearly has raised the visibility of Gigabit services like probably no other...Learn More