Google Fiber Wants Cities To Meet Its Checklist

After a few years of pursuing gigabit networks in communities nationwide, Google has refined the policies and procedures it likes to see followed by the communities that the company works with. Or should I say procedures that the company requires from the communities? Google this...Learn More

Google May be Planning Massive Google Fiber Expansion

Ever since Google announced their first Google Fiber plan in Kansas City, their intentions with this broadband service provider approach have been debated. Was Kansas City (and Austin and Provo which followed) just an experiment as a way to ‘shame’ other ISPs into offering next...Learn More

Cableco Gigabit Broadband Plans are Not HFC-Based

Cable companies are getting in on the gigabit network trend, as announcements from two cable operators this week illustrate. Grande Communications beat AT&T and Google Fiber to the punch in making gigabit service available in Austin, Texas. And Comporium said it will launch gigabit service...Learn More

CFO: Google Fiber Network Boosted Kansas City’s Bond Rating

Kansas City has received a higher bond rating as a result of Google’s investment in an ultra-high-speed network in the city, said Google CFO Patrick Pichette at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference today. “It was mentioned as a line item,” said Pichette. Google...Learn More

AT&T Takes a Page or Two From Google for U-verse GigaPower

Austin, Texas will soon be a competitive hotbed for ultra high speed broadband. AT&T announced today their U-verse with GigaPower FTTH network is live there and will begin offering 300 Mbps service, soon to be capable of 1 Gbps. Google is in the process of...Learn More

AT&T Introduces GigaPower, Latest 1 Gig FTTH Offer

AT&T announced plans for their 1 Gig FTTH network in Austin, which many analysts (myself included) believe is a competitive response to Google’s plan to do the same in the tech hub city.  U-verse with GigaPower will initially offer a symmetrical 300 Mbps broadband tier...Learn More

Will Baltimore Broadband Plans Start a Trend?

Last week’s news that the City of Baltimore is exploring ways of improving its broadband service options raises some interesting issues. The city reportedly is considering building its own broadband fiber network, on which it would lease capacity to Internet service providers, but also is...Learn More

Google Fiber Tops the Netflix ISP Speed Index

More data on the delivery speed of Web services came out August 12, as Netflix released its July ISP Speed Index. Google Fiber continued atop the Netflix charts with an average speed of 3.63 Mbps for July. Cablevision-Optimum ranked second at 2.53 Mbps, with Cox...Learn More

TDS Draws on Google Fiberhood Idea, But with an Important Difference

TDS Telecom on Tuesday announced plans to upgrade its network and services in Concord, Tenn. and parts of Knoxville – with a twist. Customers who sign up now for the new services, which will rely on fiber-to-the-home infrastructure, will get free installation and, if 15%...Learn More

Google’s Kansas City Expansion Now Includes Missouri Market

Google has been steadily expanding their Google Fiber footprint in the Kansas City metro area, recently adding Olathe and Shawnee, both located in Kansas to their FTTH overbuild. Now word comes that Google is expanding again, this time on the Missouri side of the Kansas...Learn More

Google Fiber Spreads its Wings in Kansas Again

Google likes Kansas, considering it’s announced yet another expansion of Google Fiber in the Kansas City area. Shawnee, Kansas is the latest market to get Google Fiber, the company announced on their blog. This expansion is on the heels of another Kansas City market expansion,...Learn More

CenturyLink Enters the Gigabit Network Era

If you believe that Google, with their Google Fiber initiative, intended to raise awareness about gigabit FTTP networks and persuade other ISPs to move in that direction, it appears to be working. The latest to join the movement is CenturyLink, who announced today that they...Learn More