With Latest Invitations, No Google Fiber in Verizon Markets Continues

Google invited three additional markets to undergo the next phase of Google Fiber evaluations. They include Oklahoma City, OK; Jacksonville, FL and Tampa, FL. A joint planning process will now begin, where Google and these cities perform some detailed studies to determine whether Google will...Learn More

Google Fiber Cities: Irvine, Louisville and San Diego Are On Deck

Google Fiber may be expanding – again. Google has asked the cities of Irvine, California; Louisville, Kentucky; and San Diego, California to work with them to roll out Google Fiber networks, according to a September 10 Google Fiber blog post. Demand for super-fast Internet is...Learn More

Google OnHub Poised to Shake Up Wi-Fi Router Market

Is this Google Fiber or the Nexus smartphone and tablet all over again? Google today announced OnHub – a new Wi-Fi router from networking equipment manufacturer TP-LINK that the Internet giant apparently had a hand in creating. As Google explains in a short video, the...Learn More

TDS: Fiberville is Helping FTTH Meet or Exceed Company Objectives

With over 1.2 million connections of broadband, phone, and IPTV services in 150 communities across the U.S, TDS is the seventh largest traditional telco in the country. Like many of their telco brethren, TDS has embarked on a FTTH overbuild, including a gigabit offer, which...Learn More

Among Gigabit Broadband Noise, There is Deafening Silence

Gigabit broadband has captured the imagination of the broadband industry. There is at least one weekly announcement of a new gigabit deployment, sometimes more. We know many service providers, large and small, are launching gigabit services. The number is in excess of 100 deployments, most...Learn More

San Antonio is Now on Deck for Google Fiber

Google announced yesterday that San Antonio is their next Google Fiber market. With its 1.4 million residents, San Antonio is the largest city to date for Google’s growing FTTH footprint. San Antonio joins a growing number of cities, including Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Salt...Learn More

Google, CenturyLink, Cablecos to Offer Low-Income ConnectHome Service

Updated later on July 15 A range of broadband providers – including Google Fiber, CenturyLink, Cox Communications, Suddenlink Communications and Vyve Broadband – have agreed to offer broadband Internet service at little or no charge to low-income people in 27 communities as part of a...Learn More

Comcast Makes Gigabit Progress, Reveals Gigabit Pro Pricing

Comcast is starting to reveal details about its Gigabit Pro service, which will provide symmetrical 2 Gbps service in a select, but growing set of markets. Comcast has been particularly quiet about details of the FTTH based service. They just launched a website with more...Learn More

Cincinnati Bell FTTH Push Has Company Looking More Like Google Fiber, Says Exec

Cincinnati Bell anticipates deploying fiber-to-the-home to 70% to 80% of its base, said the company’s treasurer Chris Elma at the Morgan Stanley Leveraged Finance Conference yesterday, which was also webcast. “We look at the cost to pass homes,” said Elma. “We look at penetration, revenue,...Learn More

CEO Dishes on Consolidated Acquisition Strategy, Competing with Google

Consolidated Communications is “always looking” at potential acquisitions, said Consolidated President and CEO Bob Udell  at the Stephens Spring Investment Conference today, which was also webcast. But the company’s acquisition criteria are different for larger companies than for smaller ones, Udell noted. Consolidated Acquisition Strategy...Learn More

Verizon FiOS May Soon See Some Gigabit Competition, Finally

One interesting side note regarding the growing Gigabit movement is the lack of it in Verizon FiOS territories. It seems weekly (if not daily) now that we hear about some new Gigabit plan, but from what I can tell, very few, if any have touched...Learn More

Comcast Ups the Gigabit and FTTH Ante, Will Launch Comcast FTTH 2 Gigabit Service

Comcast is slated to become a major player in FTTH and Gigabit Internet. They also appear to be looking past the argument of whether 1 Gigabit service is too much bandwidth for residential subscribers. They are looking to take the residential broadband speed crown with...Learn More