AT&T Takes on Verizon, Comcast with Gfast Deployment, Opening an Interesting Competitive Dynamic

AT&T is embarking on an interesting expansion strategy by launching AT&T Gfast based broadband service to MDUs outside of their traditional service territory. The latest example is Boston, where AT&T announced the availability of Gfast delivered broadband services to select apartment complexes. AT&T Gfast can...Learn More

Sckipio Demonstrates Gfast Speeds of 3.1 Gbps Downstream over Copper, Calix Takes Advantage

Manufacturers continue to enhance the broadband speeds that copper phone wiring can support using the Gfast standard. Sckipio today said it demonstrated Gfast speeds of 3.1 Gbps downstream and 900 Mbps upstream at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin. The demonstration used two copper pairs...Learn More Enhancements Will Support Gigabit Speeds Over Copper

The next generation of chips will give network operators the ability to support gigabit speeds over twisted pair copper or coax wiring over distances of 100 meters or more – and chipmaker Sckipio expects to support the maximum possible bandwidth, said Michael Weissman, vice...Learn More

Three-fold Jump in Gfast Certifications Aligns with Service Provider Momentum

Fremont, California, 6 September 2017. The Broadband Forum announced today that the number of certified-interoperable Gfast solutions has jumped from 7 to 24 in less than three months, as mass deployment of the ultrafast access technology builds. ADTRAN, EXFO and Viavi have been added to the list...Learn More

AT&T Launch Will Expand Broadband Reach Outside of its Traditional Territory

AT&T service, announced today for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) in 22 metro areas, will provide broadband service over a combination of fiber and coax cable at speeds up to 500 Mbps, said an AT&T spokesperson in an email to Telecompetitor. The spokesperson also confirmed that...Learn More

Verizon Next Generation Broadband Strategy: We’ll Pass on and Stick With FTTP

Speaking at ADTRAN’s Broadband Solutions Summit this morning in Huntsville, Alabama, Verizon’s Director of Network Planning Vincent O’Byrne outlined a Verizon next generation broadband strategy. That strategy is heavily focused on NG-PON2. It apparently will not include “We have no strategy for G.Fast,” O’Byrne...Learn More

Report: U.S. Median Broadband Price is $80 Monthly

The U.S. residential median broadband price was $80 per month during the second quarter of 2017, according to research from Point Topic. Globally, the average residential download speed was 135 Mbps and the average monthly charge was $105. The best value was provided by fiber...Learn More

Initial Six Products Certified as Broadband Forum Launches International Council

The Broadband Forum launched an international Council to speed development and uptake of the new “ultra fast” broadband network technology standard and also announced an initial six products have successfully completed the certification program. ARRIS, Calix, Huawei, Metanoia, Nokia and Technicolor worked with...Learn More

Donovan: AT&T Gigabit Technology Could Include AirGig, 5G,

Gigabit access is now a primary goal for AT&T and they see multiple technology paths to achieve it. “We need to evolve our entire network to a gigabit,” said AT&T Group President and Chief Strategy Officer John Donovan today.  Donovan expects AT&T gigabit technology to...Learn More

Frontier Powered Broadband Plans Unveiled

Frontier is the latest U.S. carrier to unveil plans, as announced from vendor partner Nokia. The Frontier deployment will bring copper-based gigabit capable ultra-broadband service to Frontier’s Connecticut service territory. Frontier will use the next-generation broadband technology in apartment building environments to offer...Learn More

Next Stop for Copper Broadband? Terabit DSL Promises 10-100 Gbps Speeds over Copper Wiring

Innovative ‘waveguide’ technology developed by broadband vendor ASSIA holds out prospects of multi-gigabit network data transport using existing telco twisted pair copper wiring. Using waveguide modes of existing copper network infrastructure enables data to be transported at 100 Gbps over 300 meters and 10 Gbps...Learn More

Adtran: Connect America Fund Broadband Technologies Will Be a Mixed Bag

Telcos are likely to use a mixture of technologies — including fixed wireless, copper bonding and vectoring – to meet deployment requirements of phase two of the Connect America Fund (CAF), said Kurt Raaflaub, head of strategic solutions marketing for broadband equipment supplier Adtran, in...Learn More

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