Deutsche Bank: Dish Spectrum Leasing Could Be an Attractive Option

The FCC’s rejection of Dish Network affiliate bidding credits in the AWS-3 spectrum auction could actually benefit Dish, notes Deutsche Bank Markets Research in a research note issued this week. The affiliates bid on the spectrum as small businesses, or designated entities – and as...Learn More

Level 3: We Could Realize $17 Million in Special Access Savings from Just One Incumbent

The data that the FCC has collected on the special access services will compel the commission to take steps to foster competition in that market, predicted members of Competify on a call with reporters today. Competify is an organization created to promote competition in the...Learn More

AT&T Wi-Fi Voice Waiver Could Drive Industry RTT Adoption

A waiver granted to AT&T by the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday involving Wi-Fi calling and text telephony (TTY) could be precedent setting and could hasten wireless carrier deployment of real-time text (RTT) capability. TTY, also known as teletypewriter capability, was originally designed for landline...Learn More

Commissioner O’Rielly: In the Unlikely Event there is a CAF Mobility Fund…

If the FCC were to create a mobility fund as it converts today’s voice-focused high-cost Universal Service program into a broadband-focused Connect America Fund program, that fund most likely would not look like “anything previously envisioned,” said FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly today. O’Rielly made his...Learn More

FCC to Re-Auction $3.4 Billion Worth of Dish AWS-3 Licenses

Wireless carriers will have another shot at obtaining licenses in the AWS-3 band now that two Dish Network affiliates have opted not to purchase some of the AWS-3 licenses awarded to them earlier this year. The Dish affiliates, SNR Wireless and Northstar Wireless, participated in...Learn More

CCA, CTIA, Carriers Create EVOLVE Coalition to Garner LTE-U/ LAA Support

Technology that enables 4G LTE wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum gained broader industry support with the announcement today of the EVOLVE coalition. In a press release EVOLVE said it “will promote the consumer benefits of unlicensed spectrum and new technologies for unlicensed spectrum like LTE-Unlicensed...Learn More

Video Content Costs Survey: 54% of Rural Providers Saw Jump of 100% or More in Latest Contract

More than half of small rural video providers saw an increase in programming costs of 100% or greater in their latest contract negotiations, according to a survey conducted recently by Vantage Point Solutions, an engineering and consulting firm serving rural telcos. VPS surveyed 180 clients...Learn More

Akamai: U.S. Average Broadband Speed Reaches 11.7 Mbps

The average broadband connection speed in the U.S. was 11.7 Mbps for the second quarter of 2015, according to the latest Akamai State of the Internet Report. That’s a slight increase of 1% since first quarter and an increase of 2.2% over the same period...Learn More

Retransmission Consent Reform: FCC Sets Out Legal Arguments

The FCC is on strong legal grounds in revising rules governing retransmission consent agreements between broadcasters and pay TV providers, argued Bill Lake, chief of the FCC media bureau, in a blog post yesterday.  For years pay TV providers – including cable companies, satellite TV...Learn More

FCC Chairman Wheeler: USF Reform Cannot be Perfect

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler offered a keynote address yesterday at the NTCA 2015 Fall Conference, taking place in Boston. Wheeler invoked Boston’s revolutionary history as a backdrop for the shift to broadband and IP services currently underway in the telecom industry and the need for...Learn More

FCC Releases Price Data in $40 Billion Special Access Market

The FCC late last week moved a step closer to resolving the long-open issue of how much flexibility incumbent carriers should have in setting pricing for the special access circuits that they sell to other carriers and to enterprise customers. The commission said it would...Learn More

CAF Auction: At Least $1 Billion Up for Grabs

At least one billion dollars should be available to carriers interested in bidding in the upcoming Connect America Fund reverse auction, according to an analysis made by Telecompetitor based on data provided by the FCC. Earlier this year the FCC offered the nation’s largest price...Learn More