Rural Call Completion Problem Garners More Attention with New Senate Bill

The latest attempt to stop problems with calls not going through to rural areas comes from two U.S. senators, who have introduced the Improving Rural Call Quality and Reliability Act. The legislation, introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) and Jon Tester (D-Montana) would direct the...Learn More

Bernstein: Connect America Fund Could Boost Five Carriers’ Annual Revenues by $717 Million by 2020

Phase II of the Connect America Fund, targeted to get underway soon, offers substantial “financial upside” for five of the nation’s largest price cap carriers, according to telecom financial analysts at Bernstein Research. In a research note issued yesterday, Bernstein analysts estimated that the five...Learn More

Wireless Stakeholders Defend Against Alleged TV White Spaces Database Flaws

The National Association of Broadcasters last week filed an emergency motion with the FCC to suspend operation of the TV white spaces database because, according to the NAB, the system has “serious design flaws.” But according to the Wireless Innovation Alliance, the NAB has provided...Learn More

Obama’s Broadband Opportunity Council Aims to Spur Broadband Deployment

President Obama’s latest initiative to expand broadband availability, announced today, is to create a Broadband Opportunity Council charged with determining what various government agencies can do to help spur broadband deployment, competition and adoption. Heading up the effort will be Department of Agriculture Secretary John...Learn More

WSJ: Sony, HBO, Showtime Want Internet Fast Lanes After All

Just weeks after the FCC adopted new Net Neutrality rules, those rules could soon face their first test. The Wall Street Journal reports today that several content providers planning new subscription video streaming offerings have talked to major broadband providers about having their streaming services...Learn More

Behind $3.4 Million Verizon 911 Outage Settlement

The news this week that Verizon agreed to a $3.4 million settlement to resolve an FCC 911 outage investigation illustrates an important issue that has come into focus as the telecom industry transitions to IP-based network infrastructure. The settlement relates to 750,000 Verizon customers in...Learn More

On Five Year Anniversary, National Broadband Plan Author Discusses Progress, Challenges

Five years after Blair Levin (then with the FCC) and his team completed the National Broadband Plan, significant progress has been made in meeting some of the plan’s goals, including freeing up spectrum for broadband, said Levin in an interview yesterday. Some other areas, including...Learn More

FCC and Special Access: A CenturyLink Win

Is the FCC re-thinking the hard line it has taken on special access pricing in the last couple of years? The commission late last week moved CenturyLink a step closer to pricing flexibility on the special access circuits it sells to enterprise customers and to...Learn More

Globalstar: Licensed/ Unlicensed TLPS Wireless Broadband Passes Tests

Satellite service provider Globalstar this month came a step closer to realizing its vision for a new terrestrial wireless broadband offering that would use a combination of licensed and unlicensed technology. The company says that testing under the observation of the FCC’s Office of Engineering...Learn More

Open Internet Order Reporting Requirements: Small Providers Get a Break

Smaller broadband providers will not face new reporting requirements as a result of the Open Internet order adopted in late February – at least not immediately and possibly not longer-term. On a briefing with reporters about the order, released today, a senior FCC official said...Learn More

NTCA: Wireless Broadband Substitution for Landline Not Viable

Wireless-based alternatives are not a viable substitute for landline broadband, according to a new report issued this week that was sponsored by NTCA- The Rural Broadband Association and written by Vantage Point Solutions. Terrestrial wireless networks are considerably more costly on a per-bit basis than...Learn More

FCC Chooses 12 New Rural Broadband Experiment Winners

Twelve new entities – including small rural telephone companies, utility companies and others — have been provisionally selected to participate in the FCC’s rural broadband experiments. The newly selected entities were chosen after some of the entities originally selected to participate were denied funding. The...Learn More