CAF Broadband Support for Rural Carriers Could Vary Based on Density

Small rate-of-return communications service providers with less than 10 locations per square mile would have more time to build out high-speed broadband in comparison with service providers serving denser areas, according to USF reform recommendations made by telecom association ITTA, which represents mid-size service providers. ITTA...Learn More

School Broadband Report: 23% of Schools Lack Fast Broadband

Higher-speed Internet access has been provided to an additional 20 million U.S. K-12 students over the past two years, according to EducationSuperHighway, a non-profit organization dedicated to upgrading Internet access in every public school classroom in the nation. Looking ahead to further progress in its...Learn More

FCC Releases $16 Million for Rural Broadband Experiments Funding

In its latest release of funding for rural broadband experiments, the FCC awarded $16 million to four carriers for rural broadband deployments in territories previously served by price cap carriers. The $16 million will bring broadband service to 2,451 census blocks across five states, reports...Learn More

FCC 5G Spectrum Proposal Would Increase Commercial Spectrum Six-Fold

The FCC is proposing making 3850 MHz of spectrum at frequencies above 24 GHz available for wireless broadband use – spectrum the commission hopes will enable the U.S. to take a global leadership position in the development of fifth generation (5G) wireless communications. Much of...Learn More

Appropriate Universal Service Expenses: FCC Chides Rural Carriers

“All Universal Service high-cost support recipients are reminded that support must be used for its intended purpose,” chided the FCC in the headline of a public notice released yesterday. In the three-page public notice, the commission noted that it intends to take further action to...Learn More

LEAP Broadband Library Program Targets Five States

Five states will take part in a two-year initiative launched this week that aims to develop strategies to increase broadband capacity to local libraries. The Library E-rate Assessment Planning (LEAP) initiative, spearheaded by the American Library Association and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies...Learn More

FCC Special Access Probe: Four Carriers’ Practices are Potentially Unjust

Four of the nation’s largest telecom service providers are facing an FCC investigation into the pricing and terms that they offer to other service providers and to enterprise customers for special access circuits. On Friday the FCC noted that it had found potentially unjust special...Learn More

FCC Reveals Opening Bids for Broadcast Spectrum Auction

The FCC made considerable progress this week in planning for the voluntary auction of television broadcast spectrum targeted for next year. The commission released a 230-page document outlining auction procedures and setting specific application deadlines for broadcasters interested in selling spectrum and for wireless service...Learn More

Report: AT&T TDM-to-IP Transition Trial Results are Disappointing

Only a small fraction of AT&T customers in areas where the company is conducting TDM to-IP transition trials are voluntarily switching off of traditional voice service, according to data published on the New Networks site and which, according to New Networks, was provided by AT&T....Learn More

Deutsche Bank: Dish Spectrum Leasing Could Be an Attractive Option

The FCC’s rejection of Dish Network affiliate bidding credits in the AWS-3 spectrum auction could actually benefit Dish, notes Deutsche Bank Markets Research in a research note issued this week. The affiliates bid on the spectrum as small businesses, or designated entities – and as...Learn More

Level 3: We Could Realize $17 Million in Special Access Savings from Just One Incumbent

The data that the FCC has collected on the special access services will compel the commission to take steps to foster competition in that market, predicted members of Competify on a call with reporters today. Competify is an organization created to promote competition in the...Learn More

AT&T Wi-Fi Voice Waiver Could Drive Industry RTT Adoption

A waiver granted to AT&T by the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday involving Wi-Fi calling and text telephony (TTY) could be precedent setting and could hasten wireless carrier deployment of real-time text (RTT) capability. TTY, also known as teletypewriter capability, was originally designed for landline...Learn More