FCC Takes First Steps Toward C-Band Shared Spectrum with Possible Implications for CBRS

As stakeholders continue to debate the fate of CBRS band spectrum, the FCC yesterday took the first steps toward opening spectrum in the neighboring C-band for use on a shared basis with existing license holders that use the spectrum for fixed satellite service (FSS). Wireless...Learn More

5G Spectrum Auction Plans Come Into Focus with FCC 28 GHz & 24 GHz Proposals

The FCC today proposed to begin conducting an auction of spectrum in the 28 GHz band on November 14. A 24 GHz auction would commence as soon as the 28 GHz auction is completed. Both spectrum bands are considered well suited for fifth-generation 5G wireless...Learn More

FCC Tackles Rural Carrier Issues Including Business Data Services, Call Completion

The FCC took action today on three issues impacting rural carriers. At today’s monthly FCC meeting, the commission adopted new call completion rules and proposed others. In addition, the commission proposed to deregulate business data services provided by certain rate-of-return (ROR) carriers and proposed to...Learn More

Behind the T-Mobile $40 Million Rural Call Completion Settlement

T-Mobile has agreed to pay $40 million into the U.S. Treasury and has admitted to violating FCC call completion rules in rural areas. The T-Mobile rural call completion settlement also will require the company to establish a compliance plan. T-Mobile Rural Call Completion Settlement For...Learn More

O’Rielly: RUS Should Consult with the FCC on $600 Million Rural Broadband Pilot

When it comes to federal rural broadband funding, FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly wants to make sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Now that Congress has allocated $600 million in new funding to the Rural Utilities Service for a RUS rural...Learn More

RWA: FCC Proposal to Ban Certain Equipment Manufacturers Would “Irreparably Damage” Broadband Networks

Just two weeks after the FCC released a proposal aimed at preventing small rural carriers from using equipment from certain manufacturers due to security concerns, one rural service provider association is pushing back. The FCC rural equipment ban would “irreparably damage” rural broadband networks, said...Learn More

SpaceX Gets FCC Approval for Lower-Latency Satellite Broadband

SpaceX has received FCC approval to offer lower-latency satellite broadband service in the U.S. SpaceX FCC approval paves the way for the company to provide broadband service in remote areas lacking equivalent terrestrial-based offerings. SpaceX, founded by entrepreneur Elon Musk, is best known for rocket...Learn More

USF Recipients Could Be Prohibited from Using Huawei, ZTE Equipment

The FCC is considering prohibiting network operators receiving Universal Service Fund (USF) support from using equipment from companies deemed to pose a national security threat. The commission is seeking feedback on how prohibited USF equipment would be identified, said senior FCC officials on a call...Learn More

FCC Authorizes an Additional $540 Million for USF Rural Broadband Funding

The FCC released an order adopted last week detailing plans to make an additional $540 million available to rural telecom providers to help cover the costs of deploying broadband to areas that are costly to serve and where minimum-speed broadband is not available. The FCC...Learn More

FCC Adopts New Small Cell Approval Rules in Pursuit of 5G

The Federal Communications Commission today adopted new small cell approval rules aimed at streamlining the wireless infrastructure siting review process to facilitate the deployment of next-generation wireless facilities. According to the FCC, the actions will reduce regulatory impediments to deploying small cells needed for 5G...Learn More

Proposed Federal Budget Would Allocate Just $7.5 Million to Fix National Broadband Map Data

The omnibus bill to fund the federal government that is currently before Congress calls for $7.5 million to go to the National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA) to update National Broadband Map data in coordination with the FCC and using partnerships previously developed with the...Learn More

Pai Urges Small Cable CAF II Auction Bids; Will They Take Him Up on It?

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today urged small cable companies to bid for funding in the upcoming Connect America Fund (CAF) auction, scheduled to start in July. The CAF II Auction will award as much as $2 billion over 10 years to cover some of the...Learn More

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