With iOS 12 Release, iPhones Will Provide Callers’ Location Data to 911

Later this year, iOS 12 will enable Apple iPhone users calling 911 to securely and automatically share their location data with first responders. The iOS 12 911 enhancements are expected to provide faster and more accurate information to help reduce emergency response times. According to...Learn More

FirstNet Provides Progress Report

FirstNet, the first responder network being built in a public/private partnership between AT&T and the FirstResponder Authority, is approaching its first birthday with network construction underway. A FirstNet progress report came in the form of a blog post and press release. All 50 states, the...Learn More

FCC Wireless Report Finds Competitive Market, New Satellite Rules to be Considered

The FCC today voted to accept a report from its wireless competition bureau stating that the U.S. mobile wireless market is competitive, making it the first FCC wireless report to make that finding in several years. In addition, the commission adopted a report and order...Learn More

Text to 911 Poses Technology, Funding and Political Challenges

The ability to send text messages to 911 anywhere in the U.S. could enhance public safety answering points’ (PSAPs’) ability to respond to emergency situations – and could be particularly important when the person contacting the PSAP is unable to place a traditional phone call....Learn More

Exec: AT&T ESInet Targets E911 Modernization, TDM-to-IP Transition

A new AT&T ESInet offering aims to bring a higher level of standardization to E911 modernization – a move that could help minimize modernization costs for public service answering points (PSAPs) while also making it easier for AT&T to achieve its own network modernization goals....Learn More

Administrator Details Kansas Upgrade to AT&T NG911

With AT&T as a key supplier, the state of Kansas has undertaken a major upgrade to its 911 system that could serve as a prototype for the sort of upgrade that 911 administrators nationwide should be considering soon if they aren’t already. “There is an...Learn More

CenturyLink 911 Outage Fine: A TDM-to-IP Cautionary Tale

As we were expecting, the FCC announced today that it has fined CenturyLink for a 911 outage that occurred in April. In addition the FCC fined Intrado, provider of cloud-based 911 software which contributed to the outage according to an FCC investigation. CenturyLink’s fine is...Learn More

Behind $3.4 Million Verizon 911 Outage Settlement

The news this week that Verizon agreed to a $3.4 million settlement to resolve an FCC 911 outage investigation illustrates an important issue that has come into focus as the telecom industry transitions to IP-based network infrastructure. The settlement relates to 750,000 Verizon customers in...Learn More

TDM-to-IP Transition: FCC Considers “Facilitating” Sale of Retired Copper

The FCC is considering putting policies in place to “facilitate” the sale or auction of copper infrastructure that telephone service providers plan to retire as part of the TDM-to-IP transition, FCC officials said today. Additionally the commission is considering policies aimed at ensuring consumers have...Learn More

Report: Reasons for Keeping Landline Phone Include Reliability, Connection Quality

Telephone cord cutting has been an important trend in recent years, but most Americans still have a landline phone at home – and those with landline phones keep them because of their reliability, their connection quality or other reasons, according to a study released today...Learn More

TDM-to-IP Transition Drives FCC 911 Proposal and Copper Retirement Ideas

FCC officials said today that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is circulating two items suggesting that the commission take further action on two aspects of the TDM-to-IP transition. One item is a notice of proposed rulemaking focused on copper retirement and aimed at ensuring that public...Learn More

FCC: TDM-to-IP Transition Was a Cause of 911 Outage Affecting Seven States

The transition to next-generation 911 (NG911) emergency services based on IP played a role in the April outage that prevented people in seven states from being able to reach emergency dispatchers, said Rear Admiral David Simpson, chief of the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security...Learn More

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