Rural Telecom Consolidation in Pennsylvania

Rural telecom consolidation continues with the news yesterday that Pennsylvania-based broadband provider Laurel Highland Total Communications will acquire LTC Communications and its wholly owned subsidiaries. LTC is also based in Pennsylvania. Its assets include an independent telephone company and long-distance company. Rural Telecom Consolidation This...Learn More

Moffett: Telcos May Get Some Revenge Over Cable in Broadband Wars

In recent years, cable companies have gained broadband market share against the telcos except in areas where the telcos have upgraded their traditional copper-based network infrastructure to support speeds competitive with the cablecos’ hybrid fiber coax-based service. But according to researchers at Moffett Nathanson, that’s...Learn More

Nokia Intelligent Access Highlights Shift to Virtualization and SDAN for Broadband Access

The Nokia Intelligent Access suite of solutions, announced yesterday, will provide operators with better efficiency for gigabit services, the manufacturer said. The company points out that operators have challenges in providing broadband service because they have customers with very diverse technologies, including fiber, DSL, cable...Learn More

Ookla: Northeast is the Slowest U.S. Region for Broadband, West Region is 70% Faster

The average U.S. broadband download speed continued its years-long upward track during the first half of 2017, according to a fixed broadband speed report from Ookla. The report, which is based on Speedtest Intelligence data from more than 26 million users who initiated more than...Learn More

Initial Six Products Certified as Broadband Forum Launches International Council

The Broadband Forum launched an international Council to speed development and uptake of the new “ultra fast” broadband network technology standard and also announced an initial six products have successfully completed the certification program. ARRIS, Calix, Huawei, Metanoia, Nokia and Technicolor worked with...Learn More

Research: Global Fiber Broadband Penetration Surpasses DSL, On Track for 1 Billion Connections

Fiber broadband penetration has been building momentum across the globe. So much so, fiber has surpassed DSL as the most common fixed broadband platform, accounting for 43.2 percent of the global market, research firm Kagan highlights in recently released market research. Kagan is a unit...Learn More

Next Stop for Copper Broadband? Terabit DSL Promises 10-100 Gbps Speeds over Copper Wiring

Innovative ‘waveguide’ technology developed by broadband vendor ASSIA holds out prospects of multi-gigabit network data transport using existing telco twisted pair copper wiring. Using waveguide modes of existing copper network infrastructure enables data to be transported at 100 Gbps over 300 meters and 10 Gbps...Learn More

CenturyLink Execs: Central Office Virtualization Begins with DSL Delivery

CenturyLink has big plans for central office virtualization, and the first place the company is implementing those plans involves DSL service delivery, as news announced today illustrates. The company said it was the first carrier to use its own virtualized broadband network gateway (vBNG) based...Learn More

TDS A-CAM Broadband Support Will Total $75 Million Annually

TDS Telecom will be able to improve broadband service to a majority of the company’s wireline locations in the U.S. thanks to a 10-year $75 million annual cash infusion from the FCC high-cost universal service program, the company said yesterday. TDS is one of about...Learn More

FCC Measures U.S. Median Broadband Speed at 39 Mbps

The U.S. median broadband speed was 39 Mbps downstream as of September 2015, according to FCC data released yesterday – up 22% from the previous year. The results were published in the FCC’s latest “Measuring Broadband America” report. Issued since 2011, that report initially focused...Learn More

FTTH Satisfaction: Only Safe Streets Beats Out Quality Broadband for Choosing Where to Live

High-speed, reliable broadband is an important factor in deciding where to live, according to a new FTTH satisfaction survey conducted by research and consulting firm RVA LLC for the Fiber to the Home Council. More than 90% (91%) of respondents said quality broadband was “very...Learn More

iGR: Average Monthly Broadband Usage is 190 Gigabytes Monthly Per Household

Average monthly broadband usage in U.S. homes is 190 gigabytes per month, according to a new report from iGR Research. More than 95% of this traffic is video, researchers said. “TV has become a personal activity,” said Iain Gillott, president of iGR research, in an...Learn More

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