5G Monetization Survey: Operators Look to IoT for Revenue Growth

Network operators worldwide are getting serious about 5G, with 78% already involved in trials, according to a new network operator survey from Ericsson. Operators are looking to the Internet of Things for 5G monetization, with 86% seeing it playing a major role in 5G revenue...Learn More

Autonomous Car Data Will Exceed 10 Exabytes Per Month, Consortium Forms to Help Manage It

Toyota is among a group of companies that has established a consortium aimed at dealing with issues related to vehicles and big data. The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium will explore ways to manage the soon to come explosion in autonomous car data, and consists of...Learn More

Verizon, General Motors Connected Car Deal is About Global Connectivity

Global connectivity is the focus of a Verizon, General Motors connected car deal announced today. The deal calls for Verizon Telematics and global connectivity provider Globetouch to launch “upgraded network solutions” that will be used for GM’s OnStar connected vehicle service. Verizon, along with several...Learn More

Connected Car Survey: Only 29% Would Pay for In-Car Wi-Fi

More consumers worldwide are expressing a desire for advanced, in-vehicle automotive technology when considering the purchase of their next new vehicle. The trouble, at least from the perspective of auto manufacturers and connected car and vehicle vendors, is that their willingness to pay for it...Learn More

Verizon 5G Indianapolis 500 Demo to Support Live VR Stream

A Verizon 5G Indianapolis 500 demo will test delivery of next-generation 5G wireless broadband technology in a home situated “in the shadow” of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Supporting the demo will be Ericsson and Intel. The project partners will use a home network gateway based...Learn More

Connected Car Survey: 60% See Rollouts Well Under Way by 2020

The prospective harbinger of autonomously operated, “self-driving” cars and vehicles, and Internet-connected car and vehicle technology may emerge into society’s mainstream sooner than many expect, turning longstanding commercial and personal relationships with cars, trucks and motor vehicles topsy-turvy, according to a new connected car survey...Learn More

Verizon Connected Car App Hum is One Example of Diverse Wireless Carrier IoT Strategy

The Verizon connected car expansion announced yesterday illustrates the importance of the Internet of Things to wireless carriers. Verizon added a premium version of its aftermarket connected car line, dubbed Hum, and launched a free Hum app that could help spur future sales of the...Learn More

Texas Designated Automated Vehicle Proving Ground for Connected Car R&D

Lone Star State urban centers, towns and diminishing wide, open country is likely to see a lot more in the way of automated vehicles (AV) in this and coming years. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) announced it had designated Texas an Automated Vehicle Proving...Learn More

Accenture: 5G Wireless Job Creation Could be 3 Million

Deployment of next-generation 5G wireless networks could add approximately $500 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) through direct and indirect benefits, according to a new report from Accenture. 5G wireless job creation could be as high as 3 million, Accenture said. 5G Wireless...Learn More

Ford Enlists AT&T for Connected Car Wi-Fi Hotspots

A partnership between Ford and AT&T has yielded connected car Wi-Fi hotspots. Beginning this fall, Ford will be offering LTE Wi-Fi hotspots on select 2018 models equipped with Ford SYNC Connect touch and voice-activated communications control technology. Connecting to AT&T’s 4G LTE network, SYNC Connect...Learn More

Ford, Amazon to Provide Access to Smart Home From the Car

January 04, 2017 — LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Millions of consumers who befriended Amazon Alexa over the last year, including many who just received an Echo or Echo Dot as a holiday gift, will soon be able to experience Alexa like never before from a Ford vehicle....Learn More

CTA: U.S. Consumer Technology Revenue Forecast to Hit $292 Billion for 2017

The market for high-tech consumer products will reach new heights this year, driven by accelerating adoption of connected IoT devices in homes, businesses and vehicles, as well as other emerging tech, such as digital assistants, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) devices, 4K UHD TVs, drones and wearables,...Learn More

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