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As telecom carriers evolve, Carrier Evolution tracks the important developments in telecom and broadband which drive that evolution, including IP voice, unified communications, collaboration and consumer applications. Carrier Evolution offers original and curated content from external sources.

AT&T Lets Customers Put Connected Cars on Wireless Plans

Wireless customers have become accustomed to adding tablets, hotspots and other devices to smartphone price plans. AT&T is hoping customers also will put connected cars on wireless plans, announcing new options today in that area. Also today the carrier announced a new ad campaign called...Learn More

Verizon CFO on SDN Economics: Software Won’t Reduce Capex

While some advocates tout the ability of software defined networking to reduce telco capital and operational expenditures, at least one major carrier expects SDN economics to have little impact on capex. Verizon capex consistently runs in the range of 17.2% to 17.7%, noted Verizon Executive...Learn More

Telco Network Transformation: Just Don’t Mess Up the Revenue Thing

Telco network transformation is a popular topic in today’s industry circles. Conventional wisdom says all telcos are in some form of transformation mode, moving from a hardware-based TDM legacy to a software-based IP future. But there’s a lot to think about regarding this transition, with...Learn More

Telecom Disaster Recovery: We Drop in on an AT&T Drill

When a weather-related or other emergency strikes, telecom disaster recovery ranks right up there with power and sanitation in terms of importance. Telecompetitor was reminded of this today when we dropped in on an AT&T telecom disaster recovery drill in Chicago – one of numerous...Learn More Bandwidth Improvement Better Positions Copper Broadband Against Cable, DOCSIS

Broadband component manufacturer Sckipio Technologies hopes its new chip announced today will help telcos better compete with cable companies by enabling bandwidth to be dynamically allocated between the upstream and downstream paths. technology originally was developed to support high bandwidth over short copper...Learn More

AT&T Technology Plans: FTTP Expansion Benefits Wireless

Having both a wireline and wireless business continues to yield synergies for AT&T, as illustrated by comments about AT&T technology plans made today by Scott Mair, AT&T senior vice president of technology planning and engineering.Mair made his comments in a question and answer session at...Learn More

Open Networking User Group Launches SDN Standards Effort

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) has launched four industry initiatives aimed at fostering adoption of open, software-defined network (SDN) architectural frameworks. The initiatives are the initial fruits of ONUG’s first collaborative effort to develop standards and open source code as it works to organize...Learn More

Carrier WiFi Forecast Calls for $1.5 Billion Revenues by 2020

Global carrier WiFi equipment market revenue rose to $713 million in 2015, continuing a rising trend that dates back to 2007, according to a carrier WiFi forecast from IHS Technology. In a report titled ¨Carrier WiFi Equipment Biannual Market Tracker,¨ the market research company forecasts...Learn More

Consolidated, Syringa News Highlights Ethernet, Cloud Services Growth for Tier 2/3 Telcos

Two announcements this week remind us of how important Ethernet and cloud services growth is for Tier 2 and 3 telcos. Syringa Networks announced it had achieved Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification for several services. Additionally,  Consolidated Communications announced new metro markets for its cloud offerings....Learn More

New GVTC Carrier Ethernet Business Line Will Target Wholesale, Transport, Fiber-to-the-Tower

A new GVTC Carrier Ethernet business unit hopes to tap fast growing Ethernet transport services throughout Texas and into Mexico. GVTC has deployed a high capacity fiber network, built on a Ciena packet –optical platform and designed by Light River. The GVTC Carrier Ethernet regional...Learn More

DISH Smartphone Repair Highlights Need for Revenue Diversification Strategies

Both the telecom and pay-TV industries have seen their share of disruption, forcing providers to adopt revenue diversification strategies to replace lost revenue from legacy services. In the latest example, satellite pay-TV provider DISH is getting into the smartphone repair business with an interesting model....Learn More

Comcast Modifies Data Usage Cap Policy, Now Allows 1 Terabyte of Data

Instituting a data usage cap policy that limits a broadband subscriber’s monthly data usage is a contentious topic. A variety of wireline broadband ISPs including AT&T, Comcast, Suddenlink and others have done so (some on a market by market basis), while others like Verizon and...Learn More