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As telecom carriers evolve, Carrier Evolution tracks the important developments in telecom and broadband which drive that evolution, including IP voice, unified communications, collaboration and consumer applications. Carrier Evolution offers original and curated content from external sources.

Paul Bunyan Gigabit Service to Launch in Early 2015

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan Communications is the latest rural telco to announce gigabit network plans. The company already has begun the deployment and expects to begin offering service in some of its service territory in early 2015, said Paul Bunyan Communications Marketing Supervisor Brian Bissonette in...Learn More

Will New AT&T Business Fiber Push Help Clarify Google Fiber Business Services Plans?

AT&T announced today a renewed focus on business class services with AT&T Business Fiber, which will use fiber-to-the-building technology to offer symmetrical broadband speeds of 25 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Eventually, AT&T Business Fiber will offer speeds of up to 1 Gbps. AT&T Business Fiber...Learn More

ViaWest/ Consolidated Deal Supports Consolidated Dallas Business Push

Consolidated Communications has reached a partnership agreement with data center operator ViaWest to resell services delivered from a ViaWest data center in Dallas. The move represents another element of Consolidated’s push into the Dallas business market begun last year. “We continue to see demand grow...Learn More

Windstream CFO Offers Rural Telecom Providers “Elegant Exit” Option

Small telecom service providers and cable companies could have an “elegant exit strategy” by selling their network assets to the real estate investment trust that Windstream plans to spin off, said Windstream Chief Financial Officer Tony Thomas today. Thomas, who will be the CEO of...Learn More

Mobile Vs. Wired Broadband Speeds: A Reversal Ahead?

Mobile substitution has been a nightmare for fixed network service providers, the chief case in point being consumer purchases of “voice services.” In many markets, including the United States, consumers simply are abandoning use of fixed network voice, in favor of mobile calling. At the...Learn More

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  • Apple fans and resellers line up for the iPhone 6
    September 19, 2014
    The line outside Apple’s Grand Central location stretched around two sides of the block. Most of those lining up appeared to plan to resell their new iPhones for a profit, but… …
  • LTE Multicast Gets Liked By Facebook
    September 19, 2014

    But content providers are less sure there is a business model for the live broadcasting technology over LTE.

  • My First HD Voice Over Mobile Call
    September 19, 2014
    You have to hand it to T-Mobile and Apple. The Apple iOS 8 update includes updates that enable both VoLTE and HD Voice for users of the iPhone 5C, 5S and starting tomorrow, the 6 and 6 Plus smartphone …
  • Sprint’s newest gadget lets you route mobile calls over a wired phone
    September 19, 2014
    There are still a lot of people who want to talk on traditional phones at home, but don’t see the point in maintaing separate home and mobile numbers. Now Sprint is… …
  • Are Access Networks Still So Valuable?
    September 18, 2014
    A deregulation of fixed network voice prices in some European Union countries, a possible decision by Verizon to sell its tower networks and objections to AT&T’s purchase of DirecTV all have one commo …
  • LTE-A Now Live on More Than 20 Networks
    September 18, 2014

    That figure could double by year’s end, with many more operators testing the 4G technology.

  • AT&T/DirecTV merger boosts incentive to kill copper service, opponents say
    September 18, 2014
    Aurich Lawson AT&T’s proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV will reduce competition for TV subscribers, increase AT&T’s “incentive to discriminate against online video services,” and give AT&T …
  • iOS 8 and the Apple TV: Flattening the living room
    September 18, 2014
    Andrew Cunningham The old Apple TV setup screen. Note the glassy button and its blue glow. 27 more images in gallery The Apple TV’s interface is only vaguely similar to the one on your iPhone or iPad, …
  • Cable Show Drops the Cable
    September 18, 2014

    Rebranding itself as the ‘Internet and Television Expo,’ The Cable Show is is inviting digital media, telecom, and satellite TV companies to join the party.

  • Is It Really Time For Level 3 and Sprint?
    September 18, 2014
    There’s an article over at Investors Business Daily suggesting that Sprint may sell its wireline network business at last, and that Level 3 would be the most likely buyer. It’s not a new idea of cours …