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As telecom carriers evolve, Carrier Evolution tracks the important developments in telecom and broadband which drive that evolution, including IP voice, unified communications, collaboration and consumer applications. Carrier Evolution offers original and curated content from external sources.

AT&T Airship Fueling Cloud, AI Initiatives, Including 5G Core

Newly launched, the AT&T Airship open infrastructure project aims to simplify site operation for cloud operators. The company is working with Intel Corporation, the OpenStack Foundation and Korean telecom provider SKT on the initiative. “Simply put, Airship lets you build a cloud easier than ever...Learn More

Windstream CEO: Broadband and DIRECTV NOW Bundle Should be Effective Competitive Weapon Against Cable

Windstream’s strategy for competing against cable companies will be based on a combination of Windstream broadband and other companies’ over-the-top (OTT) video offerings, said Windstream CEO Tony Thomas at an investor conference today. Asked about Windstream’s value proposition in the 50% of its local service...Learn More

Exec: Wi-Fi is Comcast Broadband Differentiator

Comcast sees Wi-Fi as a broadband differentiator, said David Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable, at an investor conference today. “Great coverage is essential,” said Watson. Comcast last year launched several Wi-Fi offerings aimed at ensuring that customers can use Wi-Fi throughout their homes,...Learn More

What Verizon Has Learned About Fixed 5G – And How It Will Benefit Mobile

Ongoing Verizon fixed 5G trials continue to teach the company more “every day” about 5G technology, said Verizon CTO, Executive Vice President and President of Global Networks Hans Vestberg at an investor conference today. In a question-and-answer session, Vestberg explained why Verizon’s 5G coverage estimates...Learn More

FCC Certifies Samsung Fixed 5G Router, Paving Way for Verizon Fixed 5G Launch

Verizon moved a step closer to meeting its target date to begin offering fixed 5G wireless service with the news late last week that Samsung’s indoor fixed 5G router has received FCC certification. While not formally confirmed by Verizon, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the...Learn More

Semtech Technology Underlies Comcast MachineQ IoT Service in 10 Cities

Semtech Corp., a provider of semiconductors and other wireless technologies, says that its IoT networking technology has connected Comcast MachineQ IoT network service in 10 U.S. cities. MachineQ is currently available in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul,...Learn More

Zayo Could Be Next Telecom REIT

Fiber network operator Zayo said it has completed the first phase of an investigation on the advisability and feasibility of a conversion to a real estate investment trust (REIT). The investigation indicated that the company likely has alternatives that would enable REIT conversion. If that...Learn More

Verizon, Cisco and Juniper Networks Bring SDN Functionality to the Edge

Verizon, Cisco and Juniper Networks are using software-defined networking to simplify and increase functionality at the edge of the carrier’s network. The Verizon Cisco Juniper SDN project focuses on combining service edge routers for Ethernet and IP-based services into a single platform. “By decoupling the...Learn More

T-Mobile Sprint: Unlike AT&T and Verizon, We Could Quickly Do Nationwide 5G

If T-Mobile Sprint merger plans are approved by regulators, the merged company would have the network capacity required to quickly create a “broad and deep” 5G nationwide network in “the critical first years of the 5G innovation cycle,” said T-Mobile and Sprint in announcing their...Learn More

AT&T: Transition from Legacy DSL Largely Complete, Fiber Broadband Penetration Nearing 50% in Many Areas

AT&T now has more than five times fewer legacy DSL customers than it did four years ago, according to metrics presented on the company’s first quarter 2018 earnings call yesterday. Nevertheless, the company saw a net gain of 82,000 broadband subscribers in the first quarter,...Learn More

Comcast Advances Efforts to Own the Home; X1 Voice Remote Control Integrated with Tile Object-Finding App

The latest example of Comcast’s strategy to “own the home” is the company’s announcement today of a partnership with Tile, manufacturer of devices that help find lost objects. The Comcast Tile deal will enable Comcast customers to use their Xfinity X1 voice remote control to...Learn More

Report: Network Automation Investment Should Result in ‘Hulk’ Like Performance

Network automation investment will grow by about 30% between now and 2021 and 75% of responding companies said they would implement full or significant automation during the next five years. The research was conducted by ACG Research on behalf of Ciena. Respondents included decision makers...Learn More

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