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As telecom carriers evolve, Carrier Evolution tracks the important developments in telecom and broadband which drive that evolution, including IP voice, unified communications, collaboration and consumer applications. Carrier Evolution offers original and curated content from external sources.

AT&T Differentiates Connected Car and Home Control Offerings with Linked Service

The ability to control home security and control systems from a “connected car,” announced today, could further differentiate AT&T’s strategy in both the connected car and the home security and control markets. AT&T’s connected car strategy is to provide a modularized platform for auto makers...Learn More

AT&T and Microsoft Partner on Cloud-Based Mobile Workplace

BARCELONA – March 2, 2015 – AT&T and Microsoft Corp. are making it easier than ever for small and midsized businesses to collaborate by voice, video and web from virtually any mobile device. The new solution, AT&T Mobile Office Suite, helps to improve employee productivity...Learn More

Big Carriers Will Want Small Ones to Support VoLTE Roaming

As the nation’s largest wireless service providers roll out VoLTE, they’re looking for ubiquitous coverage – and that presents both opportunities and challenges for the nation’s smaller rural wireless operators that rely on roaming agreements with the larger carriers for coverage outside their home turf....Learn More

AT&T and SDN: Bandwidth on Demand Launched in Six Cities

The hype about software defined networking (SDN) may have simmered down in recent months – but that doesn’t mean service providers have lost interest, as an announcement from AT&T yesterday illustrates. The company said its SDN-based Network on Demand offering is now available in six...Learn More

New Net Neutrality Rules Adopted by FCC, New Broadband Rules Result

The Federal Communications Commission sought to put a human face on Net Neutrality at today’s monthly meeting, where the commission adopted an order re-imposing Net Neutrality rules and reclassifying both mobile and landline broadband as telecommunications services. “Today’s FCC action is about consumer rights, free...Learn More

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  • Will IoT Services Use Internet, or Managed Networks?
    March 3, 2015
    It remains to be seen whether U.S. network neutrality rules will survive court challenges, and what modifications ultimately will be made to any surviving portions of the rules. Also unknown are paths …
  • Everyone wants a piece of the smart home
    March 3, 2015
    It seems that everyone from home security leader ADT to the broadband and cable providers like Time Warner want a piece of the smart home. The logic goes that these companies… …
  • Are Mobile Firms Devoting Too Much Effort to Internet of Things?
    March 3, 2015
    Are mobile service providers spending too much time on Internet of Things and too little on their data roaming businesses? Some think so. So it is that a study by Strategic Economic Engineering Corp ( …
  • Google's broadband-in-the-sky goes TITAN-ic
    March 3, 2015
    Real Soon Now: Loon-like radios with wings After a couple of years of selective reveals to favoured media, Google has made an uncharacteristic to-all-comers announcement about its broadband plans at M …
  • Charter Launches Separate Business Unit
    March 2, 2015
    Charter Communications, Inc. today announced that Charter Business is now Spectrum Business. Spectrum Business leverages an advanced all-digital network to deliver reliable, full featured solutions to …
  • Verizon brings small cells indoors using these cute little dots
    February 27, 2015
    Verizon has had a big change of heart when it comes to small cells, which it once said wouldn’t have a big impact on its network. Not only is it using… …
  • Bring on the lawsuits—FCC chairman says net neutrality will survive
    February 27, 2015
    The Federal Communications Commission chairman is expecting lawsuits challenging the FCC’s net neutrality order, but is confident that this time the rules will survive. Verizon sued to block rules iss …
  • Aereo Gets A Kick in the Ass(ets)
    February 27, 2015

    In what should finally be its last chapter, Aereo auctions off its assets to TiVo, RPX Corp and Alliance Technology Solutions for the disappointing sum of less than $2 million.

  • U.S. ISP Profit Squueze Now is Likely
    February 27, 2015
    The decision on Feb. 26, 2015 by the Federal Communications Commission to preempt state laws prohibiting municipal broadband networks is but one example of growing competition in the U.S. high speed a …
  • Grande Communications Plans 1G deployment in San Antonio
    February 27, 2015

    Grande Trumps Competition by Adding Power 200, 300, and 400 to Its High-Speed Internet Options Along with the Deployment of 1G in San Antonio.