Cord Cutting Stats: ESPN Reveals Interesting Numbers

There is considerable debate these days regarding the true nature of video cord cutting. Are enough existing video subscribers cancelling their traditional pay-TV package in favor of other emerging OTT/streaming options to alter the video landscape? Or is it just a passing trend with insignificant...Learn More

Frontier Says Video Bundle is Still Important, Doubles Down on IPTV

Frontier will soon launch a new ‘home grown’ traditional linear and VOD pay-TV bundle, bucking the trend of retreating from video services as a margin challenged business line. The new service, currently called Frontier TV, takes lessons learned from Frontier’s growing video business in acquired...Learn More

LRG: Cable is Dominating Fixed Broadband Subscriber Growth

The 17 largest cable and telcos high-speed ISPs in the U.S. added some 645,000 net new subscribers in 2015’s third quarter (3Q’15). Representing about 94 percent of the U.S. market, a total 89.5 million rely on the 17 largest cable and telcos for broadband Internet...Learn More

Cox Business Delivers New Small Cell Solution

DALLAS, Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — @GEN15 – In response to rapid data growth driven by today’s texting, emailing, app downloading consumer, Cox Business is launching a new small cell service to allow mobile operators to quickly and strategically extend coverage capacity.  Extending to hard-to-reach...Learn More

AMC Renewal: Network Ups Ante on Programming Carriage Negotiations, Targets NCTC Members

AMC Networks has taken the all familiar content licensing fees dispute to a new level. The provider of popular programming series like ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and ‘Mad Men’ is ramping up content renewal agreements with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), and  implementing a rather...Learn More

LRG: Telco TV Loses Momentum, 3Q15 Worst Quarter on Record

The 13 largest U.S. pay-TV providers lost a net 190,000 video subscribers in this year’s third quarter (3Q’15). That compares, and adds to, the net 155,000 lost in 3Q’14, Leichtman Research Group (LRG) revealed in its latest market research report. The dominant force in the...Learn More

Options for Skinny TV Bundles via Streaming Video Continue to Grow

Comcast turned on Stream TV in Boston yesterday, offering a skinny bundle of local broadcast channels and HBO for around $16/month (final price dependent on total retransmission fees and local taxes). The streaming service was first announced in July of this year and joins a...Learn More

Video Programming Costs: “Pass Them On,” Says Cable ONE CEO

The idea that broadband providers have to offer video is a myth, said Tom Might, chairman and CEO of Cable ONE, at the Wells Fargo Securities Technology, Media & Telecom conference today, which was also webcast. “Our experience [is that ] there is very little...Learn More

TDG Finds Decreased Interest in Video Cord Cutting

The percentage of adult broadband users ¨moderately¨ or ¨highly likely¨ to ¨cut the cord¨ on pay-TV services dropped nearly 20 percent between early 2014 and 2015, The Diffiusion Group (TDG) highlights in its latest market research report. The rising trend in ¨cord cutting¨ has been...Learn More

Report Shows Cable Market Share, Video Cord Cutting Rise

Now that major players have announced their third quarter results, financial research firm MoffettNathanson has compiled the latest data about video cord cutting – and that data raises more questions than it answers. Essentially it shows that “the pace of pay TV subscriber erosion accelerated,”...Learn More

Cable One Gigabit to Reach 1.5 Million Homes

Looking to expand its business nationwide, Phoenix-based Cable One on November 5 announced that come 2016 its gigabit speed GigaONE service will be available in more than 200 cities and towns across the U.S. In a press release, management says GigaONE will be available to...Learn More

Broadband Provider Consolidation: Hargray Buys Plantation Cablevision

Tier 2 and 3 broadband provider consolidation is happening on multiple fronts – from telcos buying telcos and cable companies buying cable companies to telcos buying cable companies. An example of the latter came this week from South Carolina-based telco Hargray Communications, which said it...Learn More