Report: IT Buying Decisions for Network Solutions Include Reliability, Quality, & Bundled Offers

Cost isn’t the main factor when IT decision makers are evaluating network service providers, according to a new IT WAN provider survey from CenturyLink. Instead, IT buying decisions are focused on reliability, security and quality of service, adds the report, which was compiled from survey...Learn More

Google Fiber Mixes Things Up, Drops Gigabit Pricing to $55, Adds OTT Bundle and Wi-Fi

Never afraid to mix things up with the ever-changing Google Fiber model, Google has picked its San Antonio launch to introduce several new changes. For starters, Google Fiber’s gigabit pricing has been reduced to $55/month, down from $70 in its other markets. “There’s no installation...Learn More

Spotify Hulu Deal Aims to Lock Up Generation Z with Bundled Streaming Pact

A new Spotify Hulu deal announced today will target college students with a bundled offer of music and video streaming. Spotify Premium for Students, now with Hulu will combine versions of Spotify and Hulu for a disruptive price of $4.99 per month. The deal includes...Learn More

Windstream Gigabit Launches in North Georgia, Price Will Be $59.99

Windstream gigabit service is now available in 15 north Georgia communities, the carrier said today. In an email to Telecompetitor, a Windstream spokesperson said the company will announce new pricing at the end of the month, at which time gigabit service will be available for...Learn More

Google Fiber Video Rates Just Got Bumped by 33%

Even almighty Google is not immune to the skyrocketing costs of video programming, with news last week that Google Fiber video rates will rise by about one third. New customers to Google’s double play of gigabit broadband and video will now pay $160 per month,...Learn More

Comcast Wireless Offer, Xfinity Mobile, Will Include Creative Pricing Models

Comcast’s eagerly awaited wireless offering, announced today, will use a Wi-Fi First approach which, as Xfinity Mobile President Greg Butz explained on an investor webcast today, aims to “make Wi-Fi easy.” Comcast wireless pricing also will offer some unique options, including an option to pay...Learn More

New AT&T Unlimited Wireless Plans Aim to Leverage Unique Position in Wireless and Pay-TV

AT&T tweaked its unlimited wireless data plans over the weekend, including adding a video bundle for both traditional pay-TV and OTT offers. The new AT&T unlimited wireless plans now have two categories, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice. Starting at $90/month for a single line, or...Learn More

Poor Pay-TV Customer Experience Leads One in Four to Cancel Subscription

Relying on the strength of their content to attract and retain subscribers is no longer an option for pay-TV service providers. In an increasingly competitive market, they have to “raise their customer relationship management game,” according to new research about the pay-TV customer experience from...Learn More

Multiple OTT Subscription Households are Growing, Giving Rise to Self Bundling

One streaming video OTT service isn’t enough, at least not for the 16% of the U.S. “viewing population,” who now live in multiple OTT subscription households. That’s up from 10 percent three years ago, according to a new market research report from GfK. The viewing...Learn More

AT&T Adjusts Broadband Data Caps with Unlimited Data Plan Tied to Video Bundle

The latest news on the broadband data caps trend is a new forthcoming AT&T unlimited data plan, which is tied to bundling U-verse or DirecTV video service. Monthly data allowances have been in place for AT&T broadband customers since 2011. Beginning May 23rd, those allowances...Learn More

Fiber Phone Joins the Line-Up for a Google Fiber Triple Play

Google announced a coming Google Fiber triple play, with the introduction of Fiber voice service. The service will be in a phased roll-out and it follows an announced trial for the service back in February. The cloud based phone service will cost Google Fiber subscribers...Learn More

New Frontier Vantage Brand Features IPTV, Broadband, and VoIP Packages

A new Frontier Vantage brand aims to highlight new video, broadband, and voice products from the growing carrier. Vantage TV, Vantage Internet, and Vantage Voice branding joins a growing number of service providers who are implementing premium branding strategies. “This is the perfect time for...Learn More

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