Ovum: Global LTE Subscriptions Reach 250 Million

The number of LTE mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide reached the 250-million milestone in 1Q 2014, according to an update from Ovum’s World Cellular Data Metrics. The U.S. is the world’s largest LTE market, according to the latest data, with Verizon Wireless and AT&T – the...Learn More

Mobile Vs. Wired Broadband Speeds: A Reversal Ahead?

Mobile substitution has been a nightmare for fixed network service providers, the chief case in point being consumer purchases of “voice services.” In many markets, including the United States, consumers simply are abandoning use of fixed network voice, in favor of mobile calling. At the...Learn More

GSMA: Global Smartphone Connections To Triple by 2020

The number of global smartphone connections will triple over the next six years to reach 6 billion by 2020, according to a new market research report from GSMA Intelligence. Accounting for one in three mobile connections today, smartphones will account for two out of every...Learn More

Buggs Island LTE Network to Use NetAmerica Bonfire Brand

Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative said late yesterday that it has turned up 4G LTE broadband service under NetAmerica’s Bonfire brand in parts of its rural Virginia service territory. A NetAmerica spokesperson confirmed that BIT, like all other NetAmerica participants that have operational LTE networks, is...Learn More

Apple Watch Requires an iPhone; iPhone 6 Carriers Include the Big Four

Connected multi-purpose devices have been making strides toward obsoleting single-purpose products one by one (viz. cameras, CD players, radios, books and e-readers). The latest device in high-tech firms’ sights is the wristwatch — but if the launch of the Apple watch today is any indication,...Learn More

Sprint Adds Rural LTE Roaming and SMART Partners

Sprint rural LTE initiatives are making significant progress. The company said last Friday that it has added 15 rural and regional LTE roaming partners, bringing its total to 27. In the same announcement, NetAmerica CEO Roger Hutton revealed that his company has signed preliminary agreements...Learn More

Sprint Rural Plans Gain Momentum with nTelos LTE Expansion

Sprint’s rural LTE plans are gaining momentum, as an announcement today from Alcatel-Lucent illustrates. Earlier this year, nTelos said it would expand its LTE network in West Virginia and western Virginia to specifications aligned with Sprint’s own network modernization program. And those plans seem to...Learn More

Stay Focused During Wireless Price Wars

It’s official. We’re in the middle of a fierce wireless price war by national wireless carriers. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all introduced new plans, undercutting each other in the past few weeks, with more to come. This war impacts wireless and wireline carriers...Learn More

Citrix: LTE Mobile Video Viewership is 1.5x Higher Than For 3G

Accelerating deployment of commercial 4G-LTE networks is adding fuel to a trend of increasing mobile data usage, as the latest mobile broadband telecom standard meets subscribers’ growing appetite for viewing and sharing multimedia content. According to the 2H 2014 Citrix Mobile Analytics Report LTE mobile...Learn More

4G Americas: Cloud, M2M to Drive 4G Growth

Mobile broadband – including networks, devices and applications – is proving to be one of the most successful and fastest growing industries ever, enabling a transition from personal computers to mobile devices and technologies. In addition, mobile broadband is fueling, and facilitating, ongoing rapid growth...Learn More

Sprint Wireless Pricing War: Are The Price Cuts Deep Enough?

Sprint has taken the wireless pricing war up a notch, announcing new Sprint Family Share Pack pricing that offers 20 gigabytes of shared data, unlimited talk and text for up to 10 lines for $100 a month through 2015. Customers also will get an additional...Learn More

VP Details Pioneer LTE Overlay Network

Alcatel-Lucent said yesterday that it will build an overlay 4G LTE network for rural wireless carrier Pioneer Cellular that will support what the manufacturer calls “ultra-broadband” mobile access. In an interview, Pioneer Vice President of Network Operations Jerry Kadavy said the new network will support...Learn More