Yet another dust up between and a cable MSO, in this case, over who delivers the better HD signal. Multichannel News is reporting that DirecTV filed a misleading advertising suit against Cox over certain Cox Internet ads. In the ads, Cox cites a survey that concluded that cable HD was preferred over satellite HD. That same survey is at the center of a lawsuit between DirecTV and Comcast. DirecTV says the survey was flawed, and thus the data should not be used to assert and support HD viewing preferences among subscribers. Time Warner Cable turned the tables on DirecTV earlier this year, suing them for false advertising over HD as well. DirecTV recently settled that lawsuit.

These lawsuits reflect the growing role HD plays as a competitive differentiator. Service providers take their HD reputation seriously, and don’t take lightly to inferiority claims. All multichannel video service providers are actively executing a HD strategy. DirecTV appears to have much of the HD momentum, claiming around 70 HD feeds today, with 100 promised by year end. These multiple advertising campaigns may be one strategy to slow their momentum. Expect the lawsuits to continue.