Maximizing the Benefits of a Network Inventory Management Platform
Real-Time Visibility into the Network is Critical for Customer Experience
To deliver the best customer experience possible, communications services providers (CSPs) need real time visibility into all of their network elements, logical and physical. This comprehensive network inventory view allows CSPs to better manage their network and to ensure the customer experience it enables meets the changing and rising expectations of end customers. Those expectations include introducing new and innovative product portfolios and service agility, agnostic to the technology in use.

SaskTel International’s white paper, Benefits of a Network Inventory Management Platform, discusses the role network inventory management plays in helping CSPs better assign resources, pinpoint, or even anticipate troubles, and plan for and execute better service and feature innovation. The combined results enable the service agility required to succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

This white paper will outline:
  • New and changing customer expectations for CSPs
  • The importance of end-to-end physical and logical network visibility
  • Key network management principles including Identifier Management and Services & Application Management
  • Creating service agility and optimal execution
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