Meeting Customer Expectations with

Give Customers the Video Experience They Want

Customers are embracing an on-demand lifestyle and expectations for their video service provider are on the rise as a result. The growing use of OTT services like Netflix help generate on-demand behavior, contributing to these changing expectations and the competitive implications are significant.

Luckily, video service providers of all sizes can address both the competitive threat posed by OTT and the changing expectations of their customers with a video-on-demand strategy of their own. Our whitepaper Meeting Customer Expectations with Video-on-Demand explores the promise of VoD through a case study of Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative. Gain real world insight into how one innovative service provider has embraced VoD and used it to help drive a profitable video services operation.

The whitepaper will provide you with:

  • The different flavors of VoD and their respective use cases
  • A successful VoD case study
  • OTT competitive implications
  • Success factors for competing with OTT using VoD