Ending the Digital Divide: A Case Study in Fixed Wireless and Bringing Better Broadband to Underserved Communities
Fiber and Fixed Wireless, Better Together
Finley Engineering recently had the pleasure of working extensively on a broadband project that highlights the power of public-private partnerships in bringing high quality broadband to underserved communities. Leaders in Nobles County, Minnesota were fed up with poor quality, or nonexistent broadband in their community and they set out to do something about it.

Learn more about how a variety of partners and stakeholders came together to build a hybrid fiber and fixed wireless network that delivers high quality broadband to communities that previously had none.

Download this whitepaper and gain insight into:
  • A real-world case study of public-private partnership for rural broadband
  • Why hybrid fiber-fixed wireless networks are a good fit for rural markets
  • Improving broadband performance from fixed wireless technology
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