Optimizing FTTx Planning with Data Driven Design

Fiber Design By Machine: A Look to the Future

The design of telecommunications networks is becoming increasingly data-driven, delivering reduced costs, shorter delivery times and a more consistent, high quality output. It is now at the point that the combination of enhanced data and advanced technology are surpassing current human intuition and design capabilities. So how can you take maximum advantage of this and why is this approach making such a difference?

The introduction of Fiber Design by Machine brings traditional design principals into question. Without this approach in data driven design, are you truly doing it right? Are you achieving optimal network design and the long term benefits it brings? Find out by downloading Biarri Networks’ "Fiber Design By Machine: A Look to the Future" whitepaper.

This whitepaper will provide you with:

  • An explanation of data driven design principles
  • Insight into how data driven design dramatically improves outcomes
  • Recommendations derived from real world data driven FTTx design projects