Which Way Forward?

The explosive demand for bandwidth continues unabated. Service providers are tasked with building networks that can support both today and tomorrow's applications. And while we have no way of knowing what tomorrow brings, the one thing we do know is fiber is the best technology to prepare for that future.

There is significant innovation happening with fiber technology, which impacts your current and future network plans. Alcatel-Lucent's Strategic Whitepaper, Which Way Forward? Next Generation PON and the Future of Fiber, offers great insight into these important next generation technologies. Download it today to learn about:

  • From GPON/EPON to 10G GPON
  • NG PON migration: Big bang or gradual migration?
  • Beyond 10G GPON - TDM PON, WDM PON, Hybrid PON

Alcatel-Lucent 7360 ISAM FX:
Take the lead in the broadband race with Alcatel-Lucent High-Capacity Fiber. Special pricing is available through December 21, 2012. Call 877-425-8822.

  • Multiple shelf-sizes to meet network requirements
  • Single product suite allowing faster time-to-service
  • High-bandwidth capacity to address increasing demand
  • Optimize costs and create new revenue streams using an open access platform