5G and Next-Generation FTTH

A Symbiotic Relationship

The evolution of 5G is already well underway and beyond the profound impact it will have on overall society, it too will drive unprecedented investment in fiber broadband networks. Indeed, fiber networks will be the nervous system for 5G.

Fiber densification will lay the groundwork for this nervous system and next-generation FTTH technology is well positioned to take advantage of it. Only NG-PON2 provides the scalable architecture necessary to support not only 5G, but residential FTTH and business FTTP services, all from the same fiber strand. This whitepaper, 5G and Next-Generation FTTH, outlines the relationship between 5G and FTTH and offers a comprehensive overview of the need for fiber densification to support 5G and the opportunities it presents.

Download this whitepaper and gain insight into:

  • An explanation of fiber densification and why it is important to 5G
  • How 5G improves the business case for residential and business FTTH
  • Why NG-PON2 is the preferred next-generation FTTH option to support 5G

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