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The Value of a Knowledgeable Call Center for Independent Telco Providers

Interactions with call center agents can make or break a customer experience. A good experience can help retain a customer for life. It can also afford you an opportunity to up- or cross-sell customers on additional products. In contrast, a bad experience can lose a customer in minutes. But providing the level of support your...Learn More

Service Providers Embrace Cloud Voice Platforms for Next-Generation VoIP

If you’re the CTO of a cable provider, telco or ISP, chances are you’ve had some unpleasant conversations with your CEO regarding investing in phone services. Voice is still important to your business, but the costs, operational complexities and lack of vendor innovation in legacy networks don’t align with today’s market realities. TDM and VoIP...Learn More

Acquiring Bigger Business Clients with IP Long Distance

Larger businesses have traditionally been attracted to the low rates offered by the major telecommunications companies. Newer communication technologies, however, are threatening the major players’ pricing juggernaut. One of the newer technologies resonating with some independents is IP Long Distance. Early adopters can offer low-priced, unregulated long-distance services to large companies in their coverage areas....Learn More

10G PON: More Bandwidth for Sure, But There is More, Much More

After learning more about next generation PON standards, the benefits of each are clear. XGS-PON, with its fixed wavelengths, provides simplicity. It is essentially GPON on steroids, providing common capabilities at higher bandwidths. However, the additional wavelengths of NG-PON2 bring service providers some very unique operational capabilities such as: Ability to migrate ONTs from one...Learn More

From Gigabit to 10G Services: Defining 10G PON Standards

Much progress has been made on the next generation 10G PON standards as service providers move from gigabit services to 10G services. But what is the difference between them? The two most recent 10G PON standards are XGS-PON and NG-PON2. An overview of the two standards XGS-PON (ITU G.9807.1) and NG-PON2 (ITU G.989) is shown...Learn More

NOC Importance Grows as Carriers Shift to All IP Networks

As broadband carriers continue down the path to all IP networks, the importance of network operations centers (NOCs) grows. Reaching optimal performance for IP networks is critical as applications like video and the IoT require low latency and high performance, and NOCs give broadband carriers the visibility and management tools they need to achieve it....Learn More

Local Ad Insertion Must Evolve to Meet the Multiscreen Challenge

Cable and IPTV providers have long known about the advantages of offering TV advertising for their local businesses on popular cable TV networks. Besides generating additional revenue for their cable/IPTV operation, local ad insertion helps stimulate local economies and keeps ad spending local. While television advertising remains very effective, expanding the reach of local advertising...Learn More

Local Telco Offers Tips on Managing Community Local Content Channels

It’s a lot of work, but according to ITC’s Katie Heller, their local content effort is appreciated by this service provider’s video customers in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota.  Interstate Telecommunications Coop, based in Clear Lake, SD, provides video to dozens of communities and has developed eleven community access channels and one general interest local content channel that...Learn More

Finding Your Place in the Cloud

2014 was a pivotal year for the cloud. For the first time ever, more work was processed in the cloud than in traditional IT storage spaces. This shift in technology usage represents not only a growing interest and comfort level in the enterprise moving to cloud communications, but also the significant growth of the cloud...Learn More

OTT Creating Flood of Video Traffic That Must be Addressed

The growing amount of video traffic generated by OTT services is well documented. Broadband service providers are carefully monitoring networks and responding with faster speeds to the home and with network upgrades. But will these measures be enough? The video traffic flood has only just begun and future requirements will only multiply. We’re just at...Learn More

Smaller Cable Companies See Benefits in Transition to IPTV

Rapid changes in the video business are causing smaller cable companies, who have historically relied on RF and HFC technologies, to evaluate new IPTV options. Customers are demanding digital services like Whole Home DVR, Restart TV, and smartphone and tablet applications, which are best enabled through IPTV. Increasingly smaller cable companies are making the transition....Learn More

Hosted Unified Communications: Flexibility Sells

In today’s marketplace, there are many factors pushing businesses of all sizes to embrace the cloud for their communications needs. Here are just a few: the growing number of remote workers, the need for more and better team collaboration, the growing use of wireless devices and apps for business communications, and a constant desire to...Learn More