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Virtualization: A Path Forward for Cable MSOs to Embrace the Gigabit Society

Broadband demand continues to accelerate, thanks to home applications like 4K and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and business applications that need ultra-high-speed access to the cloud. Even with their lead in much of the market, cable MSOs still need a path toward full-duplex multi-Gigabit capable network architectures, to keep pace with not only customers but...Learn More

Solving the Wi-Fi Puzzle: Taking Steps to Capitalize on Managed Wi-Fi

The number of connected devices in the home is growing at an astounding rate. Home networks have become more complex to support than ever before for service providers. Wi-Fi issues challenge your business metrics, complicate the customer experience, increase frequency and complexity of support calls and lead to more truck rolls. For end users, it...Learn More

Research: Rural Consumers Still See Value in Pay TV and Internet, Spending on the Rise

Recent research with rural consumers highlights interesting video and internet trends for rural America. The study, sponsored by Innovative Systems, reveals that rural consumers served by independent telcos are more technology‐driven than last year and eager to adopt advanced services. The research, obtained through a phone survey of approximately 400 rural North American homes, found...Learn More

How Do You Turn Wi-Fi Challenges Into Opportunities?

In today’s environment, providing an unmatched broadband experience must include everything from providing your subscribers with the best broadband package, an error-free bill, a great in-home subscriber experience, and a pleasant call should they need to contact customer service. And, with data-intensive video usage patterns of today, the proliferation of IoT devices in the connected...Learn More

Are You Tapping Into the Network Data Goldmine?

Big data offers enormous opportunities for service providers, who are in a unique position with access to deep insights on subscriber online behaviors made available through the information flowing across their networks. This data correlated with line of business data sources, like billing and provisioning systems, provides a 360-degree behavioral view of broadband subscribers. It’s...Learn More

The Value of a Knowledgeable Call Center for Independent Telco Providers

Interactions with call center agents can make or break a customer experience. A good experience can help retain a customer for life. It can also afford you an opportunity to up- or cross-sell customers on additional products. In contrast, a bad experience can lose a customer in minutes. But providing the level of support your...Learn More

Service Providers Embrace Cloud Voice Platforms for Next-Generation VoIP

If you’re the CTO of a cable provider, telco or ISP, chances are you’ve had some unpleasant conversations with your CEO regarding investing in phone services. Voice is still important to your business, but the costs, operational complexities and lack of vendor innovation in legacy networks don’t align with today’s market realities. TDM and VoIP...Learn More

Acquiring Bigger Business Clients with IP Long Distance

Larger businesses have traditionally been attracted to the low rates offered by the major telecommunications companies. Newer communication technologies, however, are threatening the major players’ pricing juggernaut. One of the newer technologies resonating with some independents is IP Long Distance. Early adopters can offer low-priced, unregulated long-distance services to large companies in their coverage areas....Learn More

10G PON: More Bandwidth for Sure, But There is More, Much More

After learning more about next generation PON standards, the benefits of each are clear. XGS-PON, with its fixed wavelengths, provides simplicity. It is essentially GPON on steroids, providing common capabilities at higher bandwidths. However, the additional wavelengths of NG-PON2 bring service providers some very unique operational capabilities such as: Ability to migrate ONTs from one...Learn More

From Gigabit to 10G Services: Defining 10G PON Standards

Much progress has been made on the next generation 10G PON standards as service providers move from gigabit services to 10G services. But what is the difference between them? The two most recent 10G PON standards are XGS-PON and NG-PON2. An overview of the two standards XGS-PON (ITU G.9807.1) and NG-PON2 (ITU G.989) is shown...Learn More

NOC Importance Grows as Carriers Shift to All IP Networks

As broadband carriers continue down the path to all IP networks, the importance of network operations centers (NOCs) grows. Reaching optimal performance for IP networks is critical as applications like video and the IoT require low latency and high performance, and NOCs give broadband carriers the visibility and management tools they need to achieve it....Learn More

Local Ad Insertion Must Evolve to Meet the Multiscreen Challenge

Cable and IPTV providers have long known about the advantages of offering TV advertising for their local businesses on popular cable TV networks. Besides generating additional revenue for their cable/IPTV operation, local ad insertion helps stimulate local economies and keeps ad spending local. While television advertising remains very effective, expanding the reach of local advertising...Learn More

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