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Phil Britt is a 40-year journalist who has covered various aspects of telecom, business, industry, technology, and automation for the past 30 years with work appearing in Telephony, Supercomm show dailies, Teledotcom, Mobile Marketing & Technology and several other publications and websites. Mr. Britt is a 1978 graduate of Purdue University and lives in suburban Chicago with his wife, Sue. They have two adult children.

Verizon E-Rate Settlement: Carrier to Pay More than $17 Million to USF Program

A Verizon E-rate settlement announced yesterday calls for the carrier to pay $17.68 million to settle cases by the FCC and the U.S. Justice Department for possible violations of FCC bidding rules under the E-rate program. Most of the settlement — $17.325 million will be repaid to the Universal Service Fund (USF). Verizon E-rate Settlement...Learn More

Wi-Fi Pause is Most Popular xFi Feature from Xfinity’s Home Wi-Fi Service

According to a new survey about device usage in the home from Comcast, parents think that meal time should be device free. Yet nearly half (42 percent) of parents surveyed can’t recall when the family had a device-free meal, leading to usage of the most popular xFi feature. And more than half of parents have...Learn More

Survey Finds Lax Attitudes Toward Cyberattack

More than four in five Americans (82 percent) agree that cyberattacks are more of a problem than they were five years ago, yet more than half (54 percent) don’t feel they personally are at much risk of a from such a hack, according to a new ReportLinker survey about attitudes toward cyberattack. Some attacks, like...Learn More

Report Finds Fastest, Slowest U.S. Broadband States and Cities

A new report from shows a wide diversity between the fastest and slowest U.S. broadband states and cities. The fastest municipal speed in the country is in Washington, VA, with a download speed of 210.19Mbps, while the slowest is in North Slope Bo, AK, with a download speed of only 0.28Mbps. The speeds vary...Learn More

Nokia Intelligent Access Highlights Shift to Virtualization and SDAN for Broadband Access

The Nokia Intelligent Access suite of solutions, announced yesterday, will provide operators with better efficiency for gigabit services, the manufacturer said. The company points out that operators have challenges in providing broadband service because they have customers with very diverse technologies, including fiber, DSL, cable and fixed wireless access. In-home wireless has been a particularly...Learn More

Google’s Loon Balloons Attempt to Restore Cell Service to Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico struggles to regain cell service in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted an experimental license for Project Loon, led by Google’s parent company Alphabet, to help provide emergency wireless service in the U.S. territory. Project Loon is a network of balloons that provides connectivity to users...Learn More

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