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Joan Engebretson is Executive Editor of Telecompetitor. Joan has been writing about telecommunications since 1992. She has been editor-in-chief of two telecom industry publications—Telephony Magazine and America’s Network Magazine.

Under Engebretson’s leadership, America’s Network won several awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, including a 2001 national gold award for her commentary. In 2009, she won best on-line column in min’s Editorial and Design Awards.

Engebretson has a BA in journalism and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Joan can be reached at

Broadband Access Coalition Asks FCC for Spectrum for Gigabit Fixed Wireless

An industry coalition wants access to mid-band airwaves that, according to the group, could support as many as three providers of gigabit fixed wireless service in the same geographic area. The group, known as the Broadband Access Coalition, made a filing with the FCC today asking the commission to allow the use of spectrum between...Learn More

Stakeholders Urge Senate to Address USF Funding Shortfall for Rural Broadband

Stakeholders today urged the U.S. Senate to address a funding shortfall in the Universal Service Fund estimated at approximately $210 million annually, with the goal of spurring broadband deployment to rural areas by covering a portion of deployment costs. In a hearing conducted by the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation and the Internet,...Learn More

Exec: Juniper Universal Chassis Router Can Work at Network Edge, in Core or in a Data Center

A Juniper universal chassis router announced today is designed to work at the network edge, in the network core or in a data center and to take on the functionality required for each application based on software. In addition, the new router supports what Juniper is calling “node slicing,” which aims to enable operators to...Learn More

AT&T Releases FirstNet State Plans; States Have 90 Days to Opt In

AT&T and the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) released their state-by-state plans for the FirstNet nationwide public safety network yesterday. Individual states will have 90 days to determine whether they want to opt in or out of the FirstNet state plans, which call for AT&T to build and operate the public safety network in that...Learn More

Text to 911 Poses Technology, Funding and Political Challenges

The ability to send text messages to 911 anywhere in the U.S. could enhance public safety answering points’ (PSAPs’) ability to respond to emergency situations – and could be particularly important when the person contacting the PSAP is unable to place a traditional phone call. But although some PSAPs already support text to 911 capability,...Learn More

RLECs on USF Contributions: We Shouldn’t Be the Only Ones Paying on Broadband

Two telco organizations filed a joint petition with the FCC yesterday asking the commission to temporarily reverse a previous decision that requires rural local exchange carriers (RLECs) to make contributions into the Universal Service Fund (USF) based on broadband as well as voice revenues. The filing, made by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association and...Learn More

Nokia Claims World’s Fastest Router; Terabit IP Flows Supported

Nokia today announced what the company claims is the world’s fastest router. The product, known as the Nokia 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS)-XC and targeted for commercial release in the fourth quarter, also supports terabit IP flows. “That’s 1,000 gigabits per second,” said Basil Alwan, president of Nokia IP and optical networks, on a webcast...Learn More

Windstream Gigabit Launches in North Georgia, Price Will Be $59.99

Windstream gigabit service is now available in 15 north Georgia communities, the carrier said today. In an email to Telecompetitor, a Windstream spokesperson said the company will announce new pricing at the end of the month, at which time gigabit service will be available for $59.99. A few weeks ago, Windstream said it had completed...Learn More

Partners in Broadband Project Recognizes Growing Utility, Electric Co-Op Entrance into Broadband

Several organizations representing or serving rural telco and electric/utility providers have launched a campaign aimed at facilitating rural broadband deployment partnerships between telcos, municipals and electrics/utilities in unserved or underserved communities. The campaign, dubbed Partners in Broadband, comes from NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association and several key rural broadband supplier organizations, including National Information...Learn More

Colorado Broadband Policy Targets Unserved Rural Areas

Some states, including Colorado, are not relying solely on federal programs to help bring broadband to unserved rural areas. Telecompetitor recently interviewed Tony Neal-Graves, associate director of the Colorado Broadband Office, about Colorado broadband policy and about the $2.1 million in grant funding that will be made available to network operators for broadband policy. The...Learn More

$43.6 Million in New USDA Broadband Loans Targets Rural Fiber Broadband Projects

The Department of Agriculture announced four new broadband loans totaling $43.6 million yesterday. USDA broadband loans awarded will provide funding at low interest rates to network operators to build or improve network infrastructure in rural areas. USDA Broadband Loans Awarded The four loans included: $24.8 million to the Central Texas Telephone Cooperative to construct 568...Learn More

Verizon Oath Strategy: Mobile Usage Data is Our Oil and Oath Will be Our Oil Rig

Building “brands people love” will differentiate Verizon’s strategy for the digital media business it will operate when its Yahoo acquisition is completed and those assets are merged with Verizon’s AOL business, said Marni Walden, Verizon executive vice president and president of the company’s Media and Telematics businesses, today. Verizon plans to use the name “Oath”...Learn More

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