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Joan Engebretson is Executive Editor of Telecompetitor. Joan has been writing about telecommunications since 1992. She has been editor-in-chief of two telecom industry publications—Telephony Magazine and America’s Network Magazine.

Under Engebretson’s leadership, America’s Network won several awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors, including a 2001 national gold award for her commentary. In 2009, she won best on-line column in min’s Editorial and Design Awards.

Engebretson has a BA in journalism and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Joan can be reached at

What is the Value of Wireless Spectrum?

What is the value of wireless spectrum? It’s a question I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as some stakeholders lobby for more unlicensed spectrum while others lobby for more licensed spectrum. We’ve become accustomed to using an auction process to sort out spectrum value – an approach that can be challenging enough as the...Learn More

Ergen’s New Hobby: A Dish IoT Wireless Network Costing $1 Billion to Start

Some video executives might buy a hobby farm. But Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen’s new hobby is a Dish IoT wireless network that will cost $1 billion for phase one. “For me it’s not a job. . . it’s a hobby” Ergen reportedly told attendees at a wireless conference yesterday. When it’s a hobby, “you...Learn More

NineStar Connect Water Company Acquisition Would Provide More Fiber Broadband Expansion Opportunities

NineStar Connect, the Indiana company formed in 2011 when a telecom cooperative and an electric cooperative merged, has since expanded into the water and sewer business and is pursuing an additional water company acquisition. In an interview, NineStar Connect Director of Marketing David Spencer said NineStar now offers fiber-to-the-home throughout its service territory but “business...Learn More

CFO: Anchor Tenant Fiber Builds Yield Strong Growth for Uniti Group

Uniti Group, the telecom real estate investment trust (REIT) spun out from Windstream several years ago, has been doing a lot of targeted fiber builds since the spin-off. At an investor conference today, Windstream CFO, Executive Vice President and Treasurer Mark Wallace illustrated how the company capitalizes on anchor tenant fiber builds by detailing the...Learn More

Facebook Partners with Qualcomm on Terragraph Fiber-in-the-Air Technology, Aims to Enable Gigabit Fixed Wireless

Qualcomm said today it will work with Facebook to support Facebook Terragraph technology, a high-speed wireless offering designed for urban areas that Facebook has likened to “fiber in the air.” Qualcomm said it will integrate Terragraph technology in its pre-802.11 ay Wi-Fi chipsets. Facebook and Qualcomm said they expect to begin trials of the integrated...Learn More

FCC to Tackle Rural Telecom Issues: USF Contributions, Access Charges, TDM-to-IP Transition

The FCC has a lot on its agenda for its next monthly meeting – including three items involving rural telecom issues. The FCC rural telecom issues pertain to rural carrier contributions to the Universal Service Fund (USF), potential access charge rule changes and a possible reversal of certain requirements for carriers transitioning from TDM-based offerings...Learn More

AT&T Airship Fueling Cloud, AI Initiatives, Including 5G Core

Newly launched, the AT&T Airship open infrastructure project aims to simplify site operation for cloud operators. The company is working with Intel Corporation, the OpenStack Foundation and Korean telecom provider SKT on the initiative. “Simply put, Airship lets you build a cloud easier than ever before,” said Amy Wheelus, AT&T vice president of Cloud and...Learn More

Windstream CEO: Broadband and DIRECTV NOW Bundle Should be Effective Competitive Weapon Against Cable

Windstream’s strategy for competing against cable companies will be based on a combination of Windstream broadband and other companies’ over-the-top (OTT) video offerings, said Windstream CEO Tony Thomas at an investor conference today. Asked about Windstream’s value proposition in the 50% of its local service territory where it has a cable competitor, Thomas said, “It’s...Learn More

CAF Auction Bidders Could Include Verizon, Cox, Windstream, Frontier, Viasat, Many More

The FCC this week released lists of companies that have submitted complete and partially complete applications to participate in the upcoming $2 billion Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II reverse auction to award broadband funding rejected by the nation’s largest local service providers in 20 states. Among the potential CAF auction bidders that have submitted...Learn More

AT&T CEO: “Radical” Upgrades to DIRECTV NOW Will Increase Price; OTT Alternative to DIRECTV DBS on Tap as Well

The user interface for AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW over-the-top (OTT) streaming video platform will soon get a “radical upgrade,” said AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson at an investor conference this morning. DIRECTV NOW upgrades also will include support for a cloud DVR and three simultaneous video streams, he said. The initial price for DIRECTV NOW...Learn More

Exec: Wi-Fi is Comcast Broadband Differentiator

Comcast sees Wi-Fi as a broadband differentiator, said David Watson, president and CEO of Comcast Cable, at an investor conference today. “Great coverage is essential,” said Watson. Comcast last year launched several Wi-Fi offerings aimed at ensuring that customers can use Wi-Fi throughout their homes, including a higher-speed Wi-Fi gateway, xFi Wi-Fi installation and management...Learn More

What Verizon Has Learned About Fixed 5G – And How It Will Benefit Mobile

Ongoing Verizon fixed 5G trials continue to teach the company more “every day” about 5G technology, said Verizon CTO, Executive Vice President and President of Global Networks Hans Vestberg at an investor conference today. In a question-and-answer session, Vestberg explained why Verizon’s 5G coverage estimates are more bullish than its competitors, reiterated that the technology...Learn More

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