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Andrew is a Contributing Editor to Telecompetitor. Having worked in the wholesale debt, money and derivatives markets for a major Japanese bank and later as a business and technology reporter, Andrew now earns his living teaching English overseas and freelance reporting. He's lived and worked on every continent barring Antarctica and has a BA (Geology, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder), and an MBA (Finance, Pace University, NY).

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Report: Google Lobbying Budget Outpaces All Other Tech Heavyweights

High-tech and telecom companies continue to spend ever-greater amounts to win friends and influence people in the U.S. government, hoping to push their agenda, according to the latest analysis of lobbying disclosure forms by Consumer Watchdog. At $3.82 million and up 14 percent from $3.35 million in the year-ago period, the Google lobbying budget ranked...Learn More

Verizon Analysis Finds 9 Key Network Security Threat Patterns

Offering hope that the fight against cybercrime can be won, a statistical analysis of 100,000 security incidents over 10 years has led security experts at Verizon to conclude that “a more focused and effective approach to fighting cyberthreats” can be enacted. Ninety-two percent of the 100,000 security incidents over the past 10 years analyzed by Verizon...Learn More

Incognito: Only A Small Percentage Of ISPs Ready With IPv6

With the Internet rapidly running out of space for new IPv4 addresses, only a small percentage of cable, wireless and wireline service operators worldwide surveyed by Incognito Software are prepared for IPv6, and fewer yet are offering the latest Internet Protocol to their end-users. The challenges of carrying out infrastructure upgrades, compatible device support and...Learn More

Report Finds 44% Increase in Video Cord Cutting Since 2010

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets, coupled with the standardization of digital television and video, is enabling viewers to consume content anywhere at any time they want across multiple devices. Americans are taking to the new viewing freedom in droves, which, in turn, is spurring an increasing incidence of cord-cutting, according to a new report...Learn More

Report: Broadband Access Services for the Internet of Things Generates $3B in Revenue

At its core, building ‘the Internet of Things’ means building machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, and those will nearly triple between this year and 2018, with cellular-WAN wireless M2M connections expanding from 220 million to nearly 630 million, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. With nearly 1.7 billion M2M connections worldwide, revenue for the global...Learn More

NPD: Growth in Mobile Broadband May Push Greater Tablet Subsidies

The number of active mobile broadband devices in Americans’ hands will increase 50 percent to 34 million by year-end 2015, and two-thirds of them will be tablets, according to new market research from The NPD Group. USB stick modems were the #1 mobile broadband device until year-end 2012, driven primarily by enterprise demand, and standalone...Learn More

Infonetics VoIP Forecast: $88 Billion in Service Revenues in 2018

The global market for business and residential VoIP services grew 8% in 2013 year-over-year to reach $68 billion, as total business and residential VoIP subscriber numbers grew to reach 212 million, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. Increased interest in and adoption of cloud services by businesses is driving growth in unified communications...Learn More

Report: Pay TV Subscribers to Increase (Just Barely) in 2014

The rapid emergence of over-the-top (OTT) and Internet TV alternatives, as well as cloud services, has posed stiff challenges for U.S. pay-TV service providers in recent years. Having experienced a 0.58% decline in subscriber numbers in 2013, the pay-TV subscriber base will grow in 2014, albeit at a tepid pace, according to a new report...Learn More

Smartphone Shopping Trends: Survey Finds Generational Similarities

The results of a new consumer survey turn conventional wisdom about age and smartphone use on its head. Older generations – Baby Boomers and Seniors – are in fact embracing smartphones and online mobile Web services when they go shopping, according to market research produced by Thrive Analytics and released today by the Local Search...Learn More

Pew: Data Theft Statistics Show 18% of Online Americans Were Victims

Delving into the issue of online data breaches and theft, a Pew Research Center study indicates that a growing number of Americans have been victims. According to a January 2014 survey, 18% of online adults have had important personal information stolen, including Social Security numbers, credit card data, or bank account information. That’s 11% higher...Learn More

Aereo’s Cloud DVR Service To Be Google Chromecast Ready Come End of May

Aereo’s cloud-based antenna-DVR technology will be Google Chromecast ready by May 29, the Boston-based cloud media technology developer’s CEO Chet Kanojia announced April 10 at Fast Company’s “Innovation Uncensored” conference in New York City. Google Chromecast joins Apple TV and Roku as the platforms that allow Aereo’s innovative cloud TV service, that enables subscribers to...Learn More

IDC: $2.5 Billion in Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi by 2018

Cloud-managed Wi-Fi will fuel worldwide growth in the wireless local area network (WLAN) market, according to a new IDC report. Revenues from worldwide cloud-managed infrastructure and managed services will reach $653 million in 2014 and $2.5 billion by 2018, IDC says. Increased adoption in the mid-market and distributed enterprise markets is fueling growth in cloud-managed...Learn More