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Microsoft Teams with Packerland Broadband, Aims for 25/3 Mbps for Airband TV White Spaces

Microsoft and rural partner Packerland Broadband are aiming for speeds of 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream for a fixed wireless deployment in rural Michigan and Wisconsin that will use TV white spaces and other technologies, said Cory Heigl, vice president for Packerland Broadband. The Microsoft Packerland deployment is one of 12 projects planned...Learn More

Microsoft Project Belgrade Taps Small Cells for TV White Spaces Fixed Wireless Broadband

TV white spaces fixed wireless broadband technology could benefit from small cell deployments, according to Microsoft. The technology giant has been conducting a trial tapping the two technologies in Cambridge, U.K. in a deployment dubbed Microsoft Project Belgrade and has been encouraged by the results. “The project has successfully proven that cellular network deployment for...Learn More

Microsoft TV White Spaces Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Deployments Provide Emergency Communications

TV white spaces (TVWS) technology provided by Microsoft is helping people in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands reconnect with people outside their immediate communities. More than two months have passed since Puerto Rico and the Caribbean were ravaged by hurricanes, knocking out internet and cell communications as well as many basic services that...Learn More

Developer: Big Improvements in TV White Spaces Economics Coming Soon

Will 2016 be the year we finally begin to see a serious uptake in adoption of TV white spaces broadband wireless technology? The answer is yes, according to Jim Carlson, CEO of Carlson Wireless, who told Telecompetitor this week that he expects to see big improvements in TV white spaces economics as the result of...Learn More

FCC Expands TV White Spaces Spectrum

Wireless Internet service providers that use TV white spaces technology to provide broadband service to rural areas should be able to operate in some additional spectrum bands as the result of FCC action yesterday – although the WISPs also are likely to lose some current bands as a result of the upcoming incentive auction of...Learn More

AT&T vs. TV White Spaces: Parsing a Blog Post

In today’s world of online corporate blogs, it’s important to keep in mind that although such blogs can inform us, the authors typically aren’t journalists and aren’t always out to provide the full story on an issue. These thoughts came to mind as I read a blog post about TV white spaces penned recently by...Learn More

Wireless Stakeholders Defend Against Alleged TV White Spaces Database Flaws

The National Association of Broadcasters last week filed an emergency motion with the FCC to suspend operation of the TV white spaces database because, according to the NAB, the system has “serious design flaws.” But according to the Wireless Innovation Alliance, the NAB has provided no evidence that FCC requirements are not being met or...Learn More

Trial to Study TV White Spaces for Disaster Planning

Gigabit Libraries Network and Chief Officers of State Library Agencies plan to explore the use of portable TV white spaces broadband equipment in community disaster planning. “The reality is that after a catastrophic event, the public communications infrastructure WILL be down for 2 – 5 days on average, and the community will need temporary connectivity...Learn More

When Will We Need New TV White Spaces Standard?

A new IEEE standard designated 802.19.1 aims to fix what for now is a minor flaw in TV white spaces broadband technology, but which could become more problematic in the future as the technology is more widely deployed. When technologists figured out how to use database technology to keep track of where TV broadcast spectrum...Learn More

Microsoft: Africa TV White Spaces Broadband Network is World’s Largest

Microsoft and Adaptrum have partnered with MyDigitalBridge Foundation to conduct a trial of a TV white spaces broadband network in Namibia which according to an announcement released today is the world’s largest TVWS deployment measured by geography. The network is intended as a blueprint for countrywide broadband Internet connectivity. The Africa network covers more than...Learn More

Startup ASA Networks is Bullish on TV White Spaces Broadband

New York City-based startup company ASA Networks sees great potential for TV white spaces technology. The wireless Internet service provider is currently trialing the technology in Gallatin, a rural area in upstate New York, and plans to expand service to other communities in the future. “We have it working and it works for non-line of...Learn More

Libraries Get Serious About TV White Spaces Broadband

A new partnership between the Wireless Internet Service Providers’ Association and the Gigabit Libraries Network aims to facilitate the deployment of TV white spaces (TVWS) broadband in libraries nationwide. “The WISP needs experience with TVWS and libraries offer an ideal demo site in their local markets,” said Don Means, GLN Coordinator, in an email to...Learn More

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