5G Monetization Survey: Operators Look to IoT for Revenue Growth

Network operators worldwide are getting serious about 5G, with 78% already involved in trials, according to a new network operator survey from Ericsson. Operators are looking to the Internet of Things for 5G monetization, with 86% seeing it playing a major role in 5G revenue growth. The Ericsson findings echo those from recent Global Mobile Suppliers Association research, which found 81 5G trials underway in 42 countries. 5G Monetization 5G is widely viewed as a way of taking market share from competitors. Nearly one quarter (23%) of respondents in the Ericsson survey said they will take market share based on new features and performance, while 18% said they will do so based on pricing. Nearly one quarter of respondents (23%) said they will migrate current 4G subscribers to 5G with enhanced revenues. But nearly two thirds (64%) of operators said they can’t pay for 5G by simply raising rates on consumers, because consumers are “tapped out.” Eighteen percent of respondents said they expect to monetize 5G by “expanding to new markets—enterprise/ industry segments.” An increased emphasis on the enterprise market is a key shift since a previous Ericsson 5G operator survey was conducted in 2016. “In 2016, 90% pointed to … Continue reading 5G Monetization Survey: Operators Look to IoT for Revenue Growth