USF Reform: Goodbye Quintile Regression, Hello (Maybe) a 10 Mbps Target Speed

Small rural telecom network operators got several pieces of good news from the FCC today. At today’s monthly meeting, the commission reversed the quintile regression analysis benchmarks that reduced Universal Service Fund support for some of those carriers. The commission also said it would allow the small rate of return carriers to receive USF support...Learn More

Akamai: Average U.S. Broadband Speed Hits 10 Mbps Milestone

The average U.S. broadband connection speed set a new record in the fourth quarter of 2013, reaching a milestone rate of 10 Mbps, according to the latest Akamai State of the Internet report released today. That was an increase of 2% over the previous quarter, when the average connection rate was 9.8 Mbps, and a...Learn More

Incognito: Only A Small Percentage Of ISPs Ready With IPv6

With the Internet rapidly running out of space for new IPv4 addresses, only a small percentage of cable, wireless and wireline service operators worldwide surveyed by Incognito Software are prepared for IPv6, and fewer yet are offering the latest Internet Protocol to their end-users. The challenges of carrying out infrastructure upgrades, compatible device support and...Learn More

AT&T/ Chernin Group Deal: Another Take on OTT Video Monetization

AT&T is trying a new approach toward the over-the-top video opportunity, announcing today that it has created a joint venture with media company The Chernin Group to focus on OTT video. The companies said they would jointly invest $500 million in the venture with the goal of “investing in advertising and subscription VOD channels as...Learn More

Report Finds 44% Increase in Video Cord Cutting Since 2010

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets, coupled with the standardization of digital television and video, is enabling viewers to consume content anywhere at any time they want across multiple devices. Americans are taking to the new viewing freedom in droves, which, in turn, is spurring an increasing incidence of cord-cutting, according to a new report...Learn More

Comcast-Netflix Debate Illustrates Implications of Comcast-TWC Merger

Comcast is in the process of acquiring Time Warner Cable which if successful, will create a massive vertically integrated media company with dominant positions in cable TV distribution and broadband access. The merger will face significant regulatory scrutiny and Comcast is doing their best to manage that process. Not everyone is supportive of this merger,...Learn More
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Telecom Revenue Diversification Takes on New Meaning, Presents New Opportunities

Revenue diversification may have never been more important than it is in today’s telecommunications marketplace. Local telephone companies realized long ago that continued reliance on regulated revenues alone wasn’t a good long term business strategy. Introducing new services, especially non-regulated services, has proven to be an effective diversification strategy for many carriers. But as the...Learn More

Cellcom CEO Details M2M Connectivity Deal for Diabetes Management

Tier 3 wireless carrier Cellcom has come up with a promising new revenue source – providing cellular connectivity for blood glucose meters from Telcare used by people with diabetes. “Cellcom will receive revenue from Telcare that is variable based on the amount of data consumed by the meter,” said Cellcom president and CEO Patrick D....Learn More

AT&T Considers 100 More Cities for Gigabit Networks

AT&T said today that it is considering bringing broadband at speeds up to a gigabit per second to as many as 100 additional cities in 21 metro areas.  These upgrades would be in addition to previously announced plans for Austin, Dallas, Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem. To support the high-speed service, dubbed GigaPower, AT&T would need to...Learn More

600 MHz Auction Plan Recommends PEAs, Paired Spectrum

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler late last week gave the other FCC commissioners a draft of rules that would govern the upcoming incentive auction of TV broadcast spectrum, which will be re-purposed for mobile broadband. Wheeler said the rules were created with rural areas in mind. In addition to limiting the ability of the nation’s largest...Learn More

Report: Broadband Access Services for the Internet of Things Generates $3B in Revenue

At its core, building ‘the Internet of Things’ means building machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, and those will nearly triple between this year and 2018, with cellular-WAN wireless M2M connections expanding from 220 million to nearly 630 million, according to a new report from Infonetics Research. With nearly 1.7 billion M2M connections worldwide, revenue for the global...Learn More

Time Warner Cable Steps on the WiFi Gas by Moving Forward with Hotspot 2.0

The cable industry’s leadership on WiFi is well documented. Cable companies have been able to leverage WiFi individually and collectively to deliver tangible incremental value for their broadband subscribers. Time Warner Cable (TWC) is stepping up their WiFi efforts by being the first major broadband carrier to embrace Hotspot 2.0 with TWCWiFi-Passpoint. Wi-Fi aggregator Boingo...Learn More