President: Unite Private Networks Small Cell Expansion is Latest Example of Success Based Fiber Build Strategy

A Unite Private Networks small cell expansion announced today is the latest example of the company’s success based fiber build strategy, explained Unite President Jason Adkins in an interview with Telecompetitor. “We don’t just build fiber and hope [customers] will come,” said Adkins. Instead, the company only builds where it has an anchor tenant. In...Learn More

Windstream SD-WAN Markets Grows to 50, Promising Service Delivery in 20 Days

Windstream’s focus on SD-WAN services is intensifying, with an announcement today of a growing market footprint. Windstream SD-WAN markets now number 50, including major cloud connectivity and peering locations across the U.S., the company reports. Marketed as Windstream SDN Orchestrated Waves, or SDNow, Windstream is counting on the SD-WAN platform to help differentiate the company’s...Learn More

Qualcomm Announces First 5G NR Chipsets and Verizon Partnership; So What is 5G NR?

Qualcomm said today that it has achieved gigabit speeds using a 5G NR (5G New Radio) modem chipset that the company is calling Snapdragon X50. The achievement could pave the way for 5G commercialization in 2019. That’s about a year earlier than what developers initially targeted for the technology. “Qualcomm Technologies has been instrumental in...Learn More

Research: Generation Z Tech Habits Include Checking Smartphones Every 3 Minutes

Corporate executives charged with developing medium- and long-term corporate road maps should pay attention to research from CommScope about “Generation Z.” The bottom line of the far-ranging survey, which had 4,003 participants between the ages of 13 and 22 in eight worldwide cities, is that the this demographic group is quite unique and Generation Z...Learn More

Agricultural Drones Could be Bright Spot, Driving Connectivity, Cloud Opportunities

Agricultural drones could conserve up to 90% of water usage for irrigation and reduce chemicals required for crop spraying between 30% and 50%, according to Ipsos Business Consulting. Potential benefits such as these drove investment in agricultural drone technology to increase 344% between 2013 and 2015, researchers said. All this could be good news for...Learn More

Rural Youth Technology Survey: Technology Alone Will Not Prevent Rural Flight

The vast majority (96%) of rural young people age 14 to 22 years old have cellphones, including 17% who get mobile service from a local provider and 75% who get service from a national carrier, according to a rural youth technology survey conducted by the Foundation for Rural Service. Nearly the same amount (95%) have...Learn More

Survey Finds Lax Attitudes Toward Cyberattack

More than four in five Americans (82 percent) agree that cyberattacks are more of a problem than they were five years ago, yet more than half (54 percent) don’t feel they personally are at much risk of a from such a hack, according to a new ReportLinker survey about attitudes toward cyberattack. Some attacks, like...Learn More

Report: Social Media for Live Streaming is a Win-Win-Win

Social media can be a friend, not a foe, to established video networks and their advertisers, according to a report highlighting synergies between video networks and social media by Kagan, a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence. Social media for live streaming is very much en vogue. Established video players increasingly are attracted...Learn More

Amid Perfect Storm of Video Competition, AT&T Video Losses Mount: OTT to the Rescue?

AT&T video losses are accelerating, with the carrier reporting it lost 390K traditional video subscribers in the third quarter of this year. That significant loss of Directv and U-verse TV subscribers is somewhat offset by net adds of 300K DIRECTV NOW subscribers, AT&T’s streaming OTT offer. The end result is a loss of 90K video...Learn More

Electric Co-op Broadband Provider OzarksGo Plans to Build on Gigabit Success with NG-PON2

An electric co-op broadband provider operating in parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma has joined the ranks of network operators who have trialed or are trialing next generation FTTP technology NG-PON2, capable of supporting 10Gbps broadband. For now, OzarksGo — the fiber network subsidiary of Ozark Electric Cooperative — is adding NG-PON2 equipment only to one...Learn More

DOCSIS 3.1 Will Soon Be Able to Match Fiber Broadband with Full Duplex Broadband

The cable industry took a step toward eliminating one of its oldest drawbacks with the completion of the Full Duplex DOCSIS 3.1 specification. The completed specification governs how data can flow symmetrically in both the upstream and downstream directions over HFC networks, enabling full duplex broadband. “In the United States, more than 90 percent of...Learn More

Report Finds Fastest, Slowest U.S. Broadband States and Cities

A new report from shows a wide diversity between the fastest and slowest U.S. broadband states and cities. The fastest municipal speed in the country is in Washington, VA, with a download speed of 210.19Mbps, while the slowest is in North Slope Bo, AK, with a download speed of only 0.28Mbps. The speeds vary...Learn More

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