FCC Could Ease Telecom Unbundling Requirements

The Federal Communications Commission is considering eliminating certain network unbundling requirements for the nation’s largest telecom service providers, said senior FCC officials on a call with reporters last week. Former Bell companies would not have to unbundle voice-grade channels on fiber links, according to an item circulating within the commission and scheduled for a vote...Learn More

Cord Cutting Stats: ESPN Reveals Interesting Numbers

There is considerable debate these days regarding the true nature of video cord cutting. Are enough existing video subscribers cancelling their traditional pay-TV package in favor of other emerging OTT/streaming options to alter the video landscape? Or is it just a passing trend with insignificant long-term implications? What would help clarify this debate is some...Learn More

Broadband Forum Releases New G.fast Management Model

Broadband Forum on November 23 announced it has completed development of new network-edge fiber-to-the-distribution-point (FTTdp) management technology at its latest quarterly meeting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Broadband Forum members approved the release of the FTTdp YANG management model, which will facilitate members’ ability to deliver faster, higher quality broadband services to homes and businesses, according...Learn More

4G Americas: LTE-Advanced Penetration Reaches 100 Networks

Deployed first in South Korea in June 2013, 4G LTE-Advanced penetration now reaches 100 networks in 49 countries worldwide, 4G Americas announced November 24. LTE-Advanced will continue to evolve along the LTE-Advanced Pro technological roadmap even as 4G Americas members standardize next-generation 5G technologies for 3GPP Release 14 and beyond, 4G Americas highlights in a...Learn More

NSF Grant Allows Rice to Further Study Massive Multi-User MIMO Technology for 5G

The National Science Foundation awarded $2.4 million grant to Rice University researchers to conduct what’s billed as the most extensive experimental research that entails installation and use of 100 or more multiple-use MIMO antennas on wireless network base stations. Known in the industry as massive multi-user MIMO or massive MU-MIMO, doing so could result in...Learn More

CenturyLink/ Cogent: If Free Peering is the Norm, What About VoIP Interconnection?

Updated November 30 with information from Cogent Press releases about IP interconnection agreements tend to be among the shortest ever written – and an announcement of an agreement between CenturyLink and Cogent today was no exception. The two-sentence release noted simply that the agreement “allows the exchange of Internet traffic in a balanced, scalable and...Learn More

Small Cell Forecast: 43% Annual Growth Through 2020

With mobile network operators including Verizon, Sprint, China Mobile and Vodaphone investing, ABI Research reiterated its expectations that 2015 will mark a significant inflection point for outdoor small cell deployment. ABI predicts the market will grow at a 43 percent compound annual rate (CAGR) from 2015-2020. Small cell deployment has been on the rise this...Learn More

Desktop Video Market Share: Google Dominates, Says comScore

ComScore on November 20 released market research reports ranking the leading digital multi-platform media properties and desktop online video services. Both online media sector rankings are based on market data drawn from comScore’s Media Metrix (MMX) Multi-Platform and Video Metrix services. Google continued its reign as the top owner-operator of U.S. digital multi-platform media properties,...Learn More

Frontier Says Video Bundle is Still Important, Doubles Down on IPTV

Frontier will soon launch a new ‘home grown’ traditional linear and VOD pay-TV bundle, bucking the trend of retreating from video services as a margin challenged business line. The new service, currently called Frontier TV, takes lessons learned from Frontier’s growing video business in acquired markets, and applies them to existing incumbent markets. Durham, NC...Learn More

CAF Broadband Support for Rural Carriers Could Vary Based on Density

Small rate-of-return communications service providers with less than 10 locations per square mile would have more time to build out high-speed broadband in comparison with service providers serving denser areas, according to USF reform recommendations made by telecom association ITTA, which represents mid-size service providers. ITTA representatives in a meeting with the FCC last week suggested...Learn More

School Broadband Report: 23% of Schools Lack Fast Broadband

Higher-speed Internet access has been provided to an additional 20 million U.S. K-12 students over the past two years, according to EducationSuperHighway, a non-profit organization dedicated to upgrading Internet access in every public school classroom in the nation. Looking ahead to further progress in its first annual ¨2015 State of the States¨ report, EducationSuperHighway highlights...Learn More

Brandwatch: Telecom Social Media Presence is Good, But Could Be Better

Major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint have high ¨social visibility¨ and are fairly well-developed when it comes to ¨social customer service.¨ That said, an opportunity exists for service providers to apply ¨social intelligence¨ to fuel growth and development of other business initiatives, according to Brandwatch’s Telecommunications Industry Report. Notably, Brandwatch found that price...Learn More